[City Plans] Arcticu City

  • This is for Ozzy who is overly curious about my plans to establish Arcticu City in Rising World, if and when I do. The loose lay-out being in an attachment below for both you & others to check out. I really do want to share Rising World screenshots so this thread is instead me rambling & giving the information to Ozzy.....I guess I'll be joining you folks in autumn or winter of 2015 when this year can stop trying to kill me, especially for the after-effects of Minecrafting too hard.


    - Brief:

    Arcticu City has been founded in Vanilla Minecraft with an ex-blogger back during the golden-years of 2011-2013ish. It was poorly built at first, yet contained lovely skyscrapers that grew in size with more mods added. The second version struggled to take form in a modded FTB pack with the third being closer to its former glory, possibly even surpassing it in Minecraft's Realms hosting. My past comrade left me, thus seeing the Empire crumble after putting numerous hours that could have been spent on real-world matters. Fine times were to be had, yet great accomplishments were to be seen through large settlements, tons of resources found, and great railway breakthroughs to be used.

    Arcticu City is supposed to be the gem of what other games failed to have me do in Civilizations games - to be a vast glorious city & Empire in a giant endless world. To build up to the sky, to connect to one & all, an to experiment proudly. Everything within Arcticu City being aimed at pleasing the tourists while proudly displaying the landscape around it. A proud red & white flag to be hung with each and every accomplishment to be seen.

    (Arcticu Empire is basically my take on militarizing Canada while still making it look beautiful. More beautiful than the whiny city council & politicans ever would.)


    - Legend:
    [Best to imagine the map squished with it being 'too wide'. It's a rush-job thanks to troubles. Proper to be seen later.]

    - Light-brown: Main road being a reference to sandstone roads in Minecraft thanks to their smoothness.
    - Light-grey: Still main-roads, just more side-roads for the downtown area.
    - Top-Middle: Hybrid City Hall & Government building for the whole Empire. Still debating on a single or triple tower connected to one through bridges. Above that (off image) shall contain a garden area containing festivities the city managed to celebrate. Things like Canada Day, Christmas & etc from when it's birthed in RW to when it inevitably falls for various reasons.
    - Middle: Garden for scenic viewing for general travel from one building to the next and to enjoy your stay in the city. To be lined with any exotic trees (preferably sakura or static red autumn trees) with a fountain in the middle containing a (hopefully customizable) statue of myself.
    - Middle left & middle Right: Lining the main fountain road shall be touristy type towers containing bakery, hotels, apartments, restaurants, libraries, among other things that RW inspires and makes use of.
    - Bottom Middle: Two museums possibly going to be merged as one in the roadway.
    - Bottom: The triangles being a split museum to contain numerous amounts of custom images relating to Shinki Renge (my avatar) & Varakitsu (My humanoid blog mascot with arctic fox traits from the anime real). This hopeully being in time for when posters are enabled to be shared in an unlimited manner. Left side being Renge's side with red & Vara to have the right side with white.
    - Red Circle & White Circle: Shinki Renge statue (the best I can); White being Varakitsu while hoping to have an NPC of herself there. Both being as large as their Minecraft counterpart while being seeing from a long-way away.
    - Far left & far right: Your industrial type of builds dealing with resource managements, smelting, resource drop offs, cargo vehicle drop-offs, train station, among other important matters. (I guess it could be in a "U" shape surrounding the city.
    - South (off image): Anything extra to expand on that Rising World expands on. More tall skyscrapers while also tending to other things (minus farming. That's left to my starting area.)


    - Things To Expect:

    You're going to have to expect a certain style (culture) in my empire. You're going to obviously find it tricky with it being a mixture of my past Minecraft settlements merged into one. Lots of Anime related influences with me taking inspiration from there and from real-world places.

    • Trams & Trains: Whenever Red decides to add in trains & trams then I'll be making heavy use of them. The train shall be found on the "U" skirt of the city, all past the touristy area. Shall have the trams take the main roads, even simple routes going to specific places. As for them being automated,.....Find a way to personally use them.
    • Exotic Trees: Whenever more trees are added you can bet to find certain types lining the roadways in my settlements. You're bound to see anything that's 'Cherry Blossom', Red, or maybe even simple 'birch" for the Minecraft call-back.
    • Renge, Varakitsu, Minecraft & Anime Posters: There shall be loads of these. If they can be seen, that's something other. Shall see loads bringing up my own images of Renge, my own of Varakitsu, and loads for my old Minecraft days. Same with a far-off naval base dealing with the newer KanColle base, if and when we get boats.
    • Customized NPCs: Seeing as how we'll be able to use them as 'stores' I'll be having them up there. I do hope we can supply them through chests or their inventory for others to barter for. Even to inform tourists. Hopefully I can add Vara, as mentioned below.

    (Also hoping to recreate my 'fishery' building based on a real world building in Ottawa. Same with a 'lodge' for pleasure boats & my own Canadian cabin on the outskirts. Hoping to build next to an ocean to make use of actual boat cargo trade and to have a 'destroyer' fleet let loose in actual ship form or static build. Wanting to also take over an island to turn into a submarine base to turn into a hybrid functioning & poster museum of my Silent Hunter 3 & KanColle exploits.

    - Features Needed or Desired:

    Some features that I need to make the most of Arcticu City, or even benefit from in the long run. Not wanting to be pushy or greedy, yet what I'm expecting from Rising Worl in one manner or another eventually. Something hopefully vanilla, yet modded in quality would be also welcomed.

    • Varakitsu NPC: Whenever Rising World completes I do hope to find myself being able to customize one of the NPCs to be my follower, or at least a semi-static NPC wandering various places. Basically needing white long hair, white fox ears, and white tail with a cat-demon type blue eyes for a female character NPC Comrade. Being able to add those sorts of accessories would go a long way. It would make my sessions more enjoyable if I could customize the NPC Traders with the fox ears, fox tail, eyes, and female gender her. At the least, I'll have her 'spew' text for the curious. With the world being so vast in RW I would love to see some form of 'follower' feature for immersion & to see my 'original character' alive in it.
    • Trees in Variety/Exotic: I have faith in Red on this one, yet shall be seeking out Sakura trees, pink or purple Crab Apple trees, or even anything that's static autumn or goes autumn. I would try to alternate my roads with the tree blooming per season.
    • Cargo Trucks: To use the main roads on my own or on people's server to transport goods around. I'll be using trains, yet trucks can still do a load of great tasks. I of course shall make full use of the horses & camels also. This being your standard, liquid, and resource types.
    • Trains & Trams: Hopefully I can make use of whatever train Red adds in a cargo function. Being able to haul food, resources, and liquids around without worries. I'm big on trains while going to be using them heavily. They're going to be a big part of my Empire.
    • Customizable Statues: Both copying your person at the time & to add with whatever clothing item is added into the game. This being needed for the fountain to show myself & even "Varakitsu" off. I'd be placing a few of such in the fountain area, same with in the museum.
    • WW2 Destroyers (Canadian or German): This being more of a jest with us hopefully being able to arm ourselves on the high-seas. Seeing as how we're getting light firearms I wouldn't mind seeing some 'light' ships to defend our coastlines from hostile water threats. Threats being possible pirates, hostile modern ships & etc. I would happily dump my resources into building a Destroyer fleet of the Canadian, or even German Destroyers in origin. I would happily make myself familiar with the Z# type ships while hoping to get HMCS Haida for all the time Canadians were forgotten in war games. I would also happily field armed sail-boats with canons, yet be happy with Destroyers of WW2 era in this game. If any, I'd expect Germans as an easteregg over anything else....Hopefully this isn't seen as rude as modding ain't my skill; Building actually is.
    • Decoration Red blocks: I've seen white, yet have yet to see decorational red types. Haven't seen anybody scrolling through any with me needing variety in such. Same with coloured glass to replicate & modernize my past builds in Rising World.


    I hope you're happy, Ozzy. This post was for you. I can obviously post more building plans as time goes on, just that the more I know & can play RW the better I can update you. I can't wait to start building instead to show off the pride instead of texting & hinting/teasing it. That is if I don't die in 2015 with troubles between now & autumn/winter >_>

  • Thank you so much Arcticukitsu! I enjoyed reading the information, and don't consider it as rambling at all myself. I see it as some bloody good planning friend! I hope that you can start building real soon, and that your problems aren't too overwhelming. Thanks again Friend! I truly appreciate the effort you've put into this post! Arcticu City sounds delightful! Even more now i have an idea of the general layout and things! Good luck for when you finally get your freedom to build! haaa!

  • You're welcome :) Oh, excellent. I can't wait to break ground & to expand it into its full city finally. All in survival of course.

    Hmm....I really am curious with how Red shall program the biomes because that also has a strong input into how I design this city. The main layout still hopefully being the same with the 'rich' (touristy) parts being in a "T" shape with the more 'industrial' side most likely going in a "U" shape surrounding that. Even the tree choices has me being overly curious while hoping for either scenic or exotic type trees that bloom or are static. Ideal being plains on the ocean side of things, yet me settle into a desert biome to make that a 'green' paradise, as I tried doing before. Rising Worlds obviously going to be much different in that part with how biomes behave. Building the two statues in Rising World shall be tricky with me with me most likely needing an avatar template to work off of from someone's else's build.

    Also amused with the comment with you mentioning an arctic Fox pet bringing me tools. That be overly comical when you hold the appropriate block-type in your hand heh. Also attached an image of Arcticu City in V3 (missing the out-skirt portions) to get some general idea of what to expect. What isn't shown is how the two roads meet back up behind that 'Canadian Tower' being the only thing actually completed. Was left with what you see in that image. Varakitsu is also to the right in statue form in her summer wear, also in the second attachment that I'm hoping to have as 1) A roaming NPC Trader at the least, or 2) The former + being able to be 'recruit-able' to go on hunts as a comrade/follower to assist with gathering resources (not mining) and hunting tasks.


    - Extra Trivia:

    My cities were to be themed for various Busou Shinki figures made by Konami before they became evilly idiotic. Arcticu City was to be themed to my avatar, Shinki Renge, with her red & white theme on an old server. Renge being the mascot to Arcticu City; Kitsu Village (spawn town) to foxes (Varakitsu); & Kyuukon to the Ninetales Pokemon (farming & mining). The Empire I build is themed in a mixture of Canadian, Busou Shinki, & Japanese fox folklore. A 'militaristic Canada' in a more sci-fi & supernatural tone.

    (Renge is also in the embedded image to the left with Varakitsu to the top right in large statue form in first image. If we do get customizable statues, I do hope I can instead customize them to then form a mini-shrine type deal to worship their smaller forms. A monument, or similar. Second image being of Vara to get a basic of what I'm seeking to add when RW is matured enough.)


    I'm glad there's a 10,000 character limit. Keeps things as short as a skirt. Thanks to it I couldn't mention if I could go all out with the library idea of being able to insert both text & custom images into it also, or if just text. It's something that's making me wonder if my library shall be more decorational or actually functional. I could go into more detail in there than in these confusing postings.

    (Apologies for not posting Rising World exclusive content. I really do want to post them. Autumn being the time when I can finally do such so I'm hoping this is the seed that spawns the roots to allow the images to be the trunk & branches. A tree metaphor basically. Again, this is a post aimed at Ozzy.)

  • I love the over view image of Arcticu City, it's kind of..cute with regards to the art style. haa! I do so look forward to the day when you're able to add Rising World imagery dear Friend! It'll be legendary! haaa!

  • Pleased to hear that. Again, best view of it was on the ground with the 'over-view' just capturing where I was forced to abandon it. Can't see all the items I had inside it. Amused you consider her cute. Nice. Ya, she's a major influence so I'm hoping for the very best on the NPC Trader options.

    Same here! The itch & hype is real (so are the issues at hand). I really do hope they shall be 'legendary' heh. If I can live-stream, Steam broadcast, or similar in autumn or winter then that be absolutely perfect! I'll do the occasional Youtube tours as tests & to gather attention for the curious. :thumbup:

    (Also fixed a little typo above: - Arcticu City (Main city) - Kitsu (spawn town) - Kyuukon (farming, mining, & traveler's resting spot). Time to recreate those three in Rising World while expanding it to add others. And yes, this shall be all done in survival mode because that's where the fun tends to be. This being my grand survival challenge heh)

  • This one is for Ozzy who wanted to see the "Arcticu Empire" flag.

    Had loads of trouble with this one with me possibly needing to have drawn it by hand. Wanting to keep it simple....In Minecraft I simply went Half Canadian & Half Japanese with the banners. Here? Paint & Photoscape. Here's the first "Arcticu Empire" flag for Rising World. I'm now pleased wit hit (after editing this post) falling in love with how bright & proud it is. Even foxy (fox head).

    [Flag Created: Thursday, June 18, 2015; For reference when making note in game.]

  • I've learned to like it after giving it a night or so. Loving the pride & formality in it while finally seeing a fox head in it. I'm happy you enjoy it. Still wondering what others see in this flag. That formal vibe is what I'm aiming for because I go crazy when things are disorderly. I need the formailites, order, and classy appearing buildings. I guess something like the Germans during WW2 & with the Imperials in Star Wars. Even though they were both evil they at least had order. They rubbed off on me, mostly the Star Wars Imperials thanks to 'Star Wars Galaxies', another influence to my 'Arcticu Empire'.

    I'm now proudly going to wave that flag up when I found Arcticu City. Shall be a month or so after I get a new computer + the game, and familiarizing myself with the game, so this should be all nice fun and games. Can't wait to share actual images because this is just getting silly, these posts :P

  • Aye! I do this all of the time when i'm drawing. I finish, then leave it an hour or so. Busy myself with something unrelated, then go back. There's also the added bonus, that it will usually inspire further thoughts. haa!

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