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    • Early Suggestions

      I've only been playing for the past day or so, but I'm already hooked on this game.

      Some things that I noticed & would like implemented into the game (if something I mentioned is already part of the game, please let me know so I can figure it out ;~;) -

      -Placement of flowers/plants, not including saplings as those can already be placed.
      -As a subpoint to the above, placing flowers into the Ming vase
      -"Instructions" on how to use an object in-game, perhaps as an add-on to the journal
      -Larger stacks for food! Namely watermelons.
      -Also stackable pumpkins/watermelons!
      -Ability to craft half of the max, or do split-stack
      -Subpoint to above: Min, half, max for crafting or a keybinding for splitting a stack in half
      -Guide to using the furnace? I have no idea how long to wait for my ores to smelt.

      Thanks for reading! I'd love to keep up with this game as it develops more.
    • Hi there TalonTalon- I believe that flower placement and use of the ming vase are planned.

      I mentioned to Red that it seemed a little...uhmmm....mean? to have just one rib per inventory space, but he said that the food is stacked like that for survival resons. I believe he said something like, if yo could stack 64 ribs, them you'd never starve. haa!

      I think a lot of the crafting aspects you've mentioned will be worked on over the next few updates, as i believe Red mentioned that he's going to release some 'small' crafting updates while we're waiting for the wonderful biome update to arrive.

      In regards to the Furnace, I believe it's about 2 min for the ore to melt into Ingot, or roundabout. haa!
      I really hope that this helps Friend, and have fun.
    • Oh!

      - Flower placements is something we need, and something I'm hoping is indeed planned. Would make sense. I know displaying food on items is planned, just never came across flowers being displayed in pots.
      - ^
      - That's something to add during each update on how to deal with specific objects and such.
      - Red frowned upon stockpiling on food for long journies to force a more 'survival' aspect to things. If you stockpiled food then that would be considered cheating, similar to how Minecraft allows you to take hordes of it on long journies without venturing back to base. I actually approve of Red's logic here.
      - ^
      - This I can support (crafting half or max, or doing split-stack crating)
      - ^
      - Could have a little image with a timer. Just wait as long as needed, same with the BBQing?
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