Animals Skin/Bone Loots (Item)

  • Kill animals and loot there

    Skin and use for
    Fur Armor (boots, coat, hat, etc..) from animals all parts maybe for snow areas makes shoveling unnecessary when you have this on, cause you can run in snow but since its weak your defense is down and leaves you vulnerable
    Masks - Animal head masks that can be put on the hat area and would look like the animal head would be mostly for fun (could be weak but have bonuses such as better luck when looting or something for each mask)
    Craft with fluff/cotton for stuffed animal statues
    add lumber and fluff to make wall mount head
    Animal skin rugs

    Bones and use for
    Bone club weapon
    Bone armor (Use a lot of bones)
    spears heads, arrow heads + sticks for full weapon
    Bone Bow
    Skull Club

    Thats all I got for now ;P

  • Definitely nice ideas! :) But there is one factor we have to consider when it comes to clothes and armor: We are planning to fully rework the current playermodel, mainly to get the ability to implement a real clothing system (which enables you to individually exchange shirts, pants, footwear etc.). As soon as we have a new model, we can start working on different clothes and armors. And animals take an essential part in crafting them (fur cloaks, leather, wool). But also stuff like a bone armor is pretty cool!

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