Fallout 4

  • I haven't played any, but I do know what it's roughly about. Checking out #4 is actually quite impressive with nice interesting features.

    - Homepage: http://www.fallout4.com/

    The game takes place in Boston after 200 years of 'slumber'. You're basically let loose in a vast open-world apocolyptic world with a chance to meet up with a dog friend.


    - General Gameplay:

    - Settlement Building & Crafting:


    I'm loving how you can play as either the male or female side of the game. How you can customize the characters, the baby, and etc. Loving how you can also befriend a lovely dog (that I hope doesn't die) to do your bidding. Just someone to join you in the vast open world of nuked Boston. The whole building element of it also being overly attractive in this game with how you can gain resources to build up your settlement. You can build up an outpost to then defend from raiders. All that attention to detail. I love these features it has, just no signs of co-op.

    I'm now hyping the game for its freedom, its dog companion, the settlement building, and the eventually juicy & heavy modding side of things. Both SFW & NSFW mods. Even possible Anime ones for loads of fun. I guess it won't be 100% free, that's where Rising World comes in to keep having fun.

    This is awesome. I haven't felt this genuinely hyped for an American game in so long after seeing how greedy, dramatic, and how easily they burn you in games. I'm actually hyped for this since Skyrim. Goldeneye 64 & Perfect Dark both being awesome games before that. Fallout 4 is something I genuinely want!

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