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    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Suggestions - Objects - Blocks - Balance - Tweaks

      You guys have been very responsive to suggestions so I know alot of them are being posted. I will try to be concise in my requests and keep it to a minimum.

      Better cross over in mixed stone/dirt areas: sometime it is hard to get either one to work at these points
      Rake: Both right and left mode will prefer a slope to a level ground, especially near stone or cliffs. One mode should prefer flat over sloping up.
      Sledgehammer: Doesn't always flatten little peaks of stone, and is very annoying
      By the way, I love the texture change when using the sledgehammer, very nice!

      Wood grains
      Wood textures should all be oriented vertically on planks/boards/posts, This is because wood length in oriented in that directions, and technically makes the wood much weaker structurally. There is a nice heavy grain texture that is oriented the wrong way, and it bothers me. Maybe a rotation of texture option on blocks is needed for wall placement.

      I have mentioned this in a couple of my videos, but just to formalize the request around it.
      Reduce the angle at which a person can climb unassisted: right now there is no challenge to a mountain you simply walk up, and defensively there there is no advantage to using hills/mountains as refuges.
      Reduce climbing speed: I noticed that you track walking flat vs walking "vertical", players should be slowed down by at least half when going vertical, right now the up and down is free speed boost.
      Both of these will increase the challenge rating, and add more value for things like the rope lowering system, and climbing gear.

      Roofing Materials
      We need some more standard roofing materials: Thatching/hay, wood shakes/shingles, asphalt shingles, clay roofing tiles

      Wood Blocks
      A couple more wood selections, with nice wood grain patterns.

      Block Tinting
      Somethings like wood/concrete/bricks, maybe these should be implemented as plain patterns then players are given a palette of "tints/colorations" based on the material. This would allow builders to make the materials match while being able to take advantage of the plethora of patterns you have implemented. There are times I wish certain patterns fit better with another one of a different color.

      Fireplace(fire only) 1x2 and 1x1, Camp Fire 2x2, Bonfire 3x3, placeable modern light bar/strip

      Wooden chairs with arms, Bench, Long Bench, wall bench(attachable/extendable/wood textures) with corner wall bench, a Throne

      Longer Table options, Wall standards and tapestries, Flags and pennant, dressers

      New Player Reference - for commands and basic help
      My Youtube Channel - for videos of my builds
    • Wow, first of all, thanks for so many suggestions! :D

      Better cross over in mixed stone/dirt areas: Yeah that's indeed a small problem currently. Not sure if we can fix it, since all our approaches had different downsides. One workaround would be to remove the problematic area with the pickaxe. Let's see if we find a better solution.

      Rake: That's related to the fact that the rake was originally implemented to smooth out the terrain instead of leveling it. Technically there is the ability to restrict digging to a specific level (i.e. only blocks above this level will be removed), but we did not find yet a smart way to combine this feature with the existing tools.
      Soon we will add the ability to "stake out" an area, which only allows you to remove ground inside this area (helpful for creating a nice excavation pit), but this does not really solve the problem you mentioned...

      Sledgehammer: Indeed, the sledgehammer generally does not behave as intended. We will fix it.

      Wood grain: We can change it so that they are generally vertically oriented. An option to change it while placing would also be possible, but it's difficult to integrate it for blocks, since you don't see a texture preview when placing blocks (only this wireframe), and we don't like to change that.

      Climbing: That a really complicated topic. But I agree that it is currently not the best solution that players can actually climb every mountain with little effort. We will work on it in the future!
      Adjusting walkspeed depending on the steepness may be problematic, we tried it a long time ago, but resulted in a very strange walk behaviour. Difficult to explain. We will have a look at it again and let's see if we can tweak it.
      Probably we change the climbing behaviour when we implement stuff like ropes etc.

      Roofing materials: Coming soon! :)

      Wood blocks: We want to remove some of the old textures (especially some of the ornament tiles), and also want to finally add some textures for the black "N/A" textures^^ There will be definitely some wood textures among the new textures

      Block tinting: Not sure about that. It sounds pretty cool, but for consistency, we should think about a general overhaul of the block system, splitting into color and pattern. This is a pretty big change and I think it's maybe already too late to do it.
      Alternatively we can add some more white colored plaster textures with different patterns. In the future we want to implement the ability to paint blocks, so you can combine the white plaster textures with a specific color.

      Fires/Lights: Most of them are planned and coming soon^^

      Seatings: Sounds good! We will do it (as a nice side effect, a throne could be helpful for @StarMeisters project :D )

      Misc: More tables and dressers are in the work. Tapestries and flags are also coming (we want to combine them with the custom image feature), but still take some time until they're ready.