• I'm highly curious about the material marble now with it being known as something you need to dig hours for, even days & weeks. Curious about many things about it. More so after playing with Minecraft's Feed The Beast (technology related modpacks) treating it as an overly common building material, yet still in very high demand on my side. That's making me curious, more so with Rising World going more for the realistic side of things.

    • Location in biomes: I'm going to assume marble shall be found in warmer biomes for us to harvest from.
    • Spawn rate & size in chunks: Not sure how Red wants to code them in. I'm going to assume they're going to be fairly common while being in overly massive chunks that it could take you a week (on & off) to harvest them all. Using one of those power drills in the FTB pack (unrealistic, yet most efficent) it took me a good long while to harvest them up. Was tedious, yet did manage to get them all when going top down on them.
    • Mining style: I'm again assuming that because this is Red, and Rising World, that these marble spawns would need both electric/gas powered tools, even construction vehicles to haul them out properly. I'm sure you could use a pickaxe & a horse to haul them out for personal use, just that it would be proper to use modern-tech to haul such out....This is considering both the tomato + scythe if we're locked into using power tools only. Maybe, maybe not.

    Ya, in short: Warm biome; overly massive deposits; Needing power tools & vehicles. Then again, I guess marble could be treated like stone & iron. This has me wondering though because this is indeed Rising World which I may have to still apply Minecraft's Feed The Beast mentality to this. I also want to use it as a major building material for my eventual giant city, this being after I settle into this game in either autumn or winter.

    My curiosity seems appropriate with how fuel shall be found in desert (so I was told by a comrade) & with biomes to be released sometimes within this or next month.

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