Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Greetings everyone,
    I've only had this game for 4 days and am already very addicted to it. Loving the free build aspect, would love to share some suggestions with the dev team.

    1) Ore location - I've read a bunch of the forum posts, and agree that the only way to reliably find ore is to search cave systems. Problem is there aren't that many close at hand, or so I thought. I discovered the "fly" function, and was stunned to find dozens of worm tunnels underground loaded with small ore deposits. However it would take a lifetime of digging to discover these naturally. Would it be possible to add a new piece of equipment akin to a metal detector - an ore detector? A device that when you're within so many squares of an ore deposit, even if you're above ground and its beneath you, it gives you a signal/sign/light. If the developers don't want to make a directional device (like an ore compass), perhaps one with a simple strength gauge, "you're getting warmer...oops never mind, that was hell"

    2) Go west young man - Compass and Flashlight- I watched a bunch of YouTube recordings on the game when I first started, and apparently I got in late, as many of the items that early adopters received basically for free are now embedded in the advanced crafting table - namely the compass and clock. Frankly I think these should be given to the player when they first spawn. Having to find aluminum to make the advanced crafting bench just to have a compass, would have been impossible. Four days and I still haven't found any aluminum. Only recently did I discover that "flashlight" light made it infinitely easier to find ores in caves. I have a color vision issue "red green weak" as do many guys, and the yellow green torch light make finding ores very difficult. I had to become very proficient at recognizing the patterns of ore (the lichen appearance) versus a color differentiation. With a flashlight, wow what a difference. I think a penlight/flashlight should also be part of your starting kit. Building new ones can require the advanced crafting bench, and perhaps it would be more "fair" to give flashlights/torches a life-span, but just an idea.

    3) More bears - or bear like creatures. Loving the limited bio-diversity, I hear that biomes are on the way and hopefully with them more creatures, both edible and aggressive. I would like to see more "threats" in the environment, as the survival aspect of the game could be boosted quite easily. Snakes, big cats, etc, to make you build shelter. Wildfires? anyway just an idea. OH, and can you fix the animal clipping issues where bears can crawl out of pits? I tried trapping one in a cage, and it just clips through the walls. Since no crocodiles, wanted to put bears in my moat to discourage visitors =).

    4)Reach out and touch someone - Range weapons - swords are great for killing pigs and cows, but you'll just tick off a moose (elk?). I have one that lives just outside my building site, and I got really tired of hearing him bellow. So I tried to kill him... Died twice, and he ended up in my house before I killed him. His replacement spawned even closer. Would be nice to have the ability to build additional weapons. I see that armor will be in the future. How about a bow (or gun!).

    5) Melons, melons, everywhere, and not a drop to drink... I understand the watermelon is a good "water" source, but hoping to see actual rivers/creeks/ponds in the future. Building canteens, jugs, etc. to store vs constantly slicing melons (which don't stack in inv). I mean I can carry almost 30 stacks of 64 blocks of stone, but only a couple dozen melons =).

    6) If you teach a man to fish... Speaking of water, how about fish? Clams, oysters, seafood, etc. would be a nice addition. Looking forward to the biomes update to see what pops up.

    7) Are we there yet? Yep, put me down for a map as well. Right now the other side of the mountain...looks exactly like this side, and when we do get biomes, I'm going to want to travel, and right now the compass is the only thing saving my life (and I had to "gift" myself the aluminum to get that!)

    Thanks for the adventure!
    Loving the game, just thought I'd share some ideas.

  • for light in caves press L
    to frind your way back don't need compass press F3 and you will see your coordinates
    on the first line
    write them down the one's of your home so you can always find it back

    :evil: <3 LOVE THIS GAME <3 :evil:
    intel i5 2500 3.3GHz
    AMD hd radeon 6970 2gig
    16gig ram
    gigabyte z77-d3h mainboard

  • 1) I agree ores should be easier or at least more reliable to find.
    2/7) I also agree compass (or map or something) should be able to be crafted early in game. Biomes might make navigating without a map/compass considerably easier though.
    3) This is coming with biomes I think. For sure it comes eventually.
    4) I would assume that they'll add this later too. Not too high up on the todo list though.
    5/6) Water is coming in the next few updates.

  • Feel free to ignore....

    1) Ores right now are set in a test phase so it's bound to change. A ore detector would be neat, only if you keep it to beeping to the hand-held metal detectors.

    2) The compass is an odd one here. Not sure what Red wants to do, yet agree that it should be slightly in the middle range. You still have to go venturing, just not too far to get the compass as people said.

    3) I'd expect these in the biome & then a dungeon update. The creatures & everything else shall come with those & the rest of the major updates. Looking forward to seeing what Red has in store.

    4) Possibly with an animation update? I do want close-range weapons to also be ranged (Sword, spears & etc) while pocket knives being treated as they are in the manner of swords. Luckily we're also getting bows & arrows, small fire-arms, muskets, and crossbows. That should help nicely.

    5) Water can be expected in September. Biomes is for August while water shall be the focus for September. Even Red agreed to make these water sources drinkable, swimmable, & etc. Shall be sweet to see what happens.

    6) I rambled on about oceans & ocean sea-life so feel free in hunting that bulky thread down. We'll also see fishing after the animation update so I also do hope we can go all Skyrim in hunting down oysters & etc. Shall be fun.

    7) Maps are being considered highly by Red so we'll be seeing something.


    I believe Red also has to fix the blueprints. Maybe that's after biomes?

  • Thanks to all for the great comments/insights and a special thanks to xdeft for the "L" light key info (*facepalm*) - completely changed my game play - no more mining in near darkness :)
    Ores are much easier to find than by torchlight, but would still appreciate tweaks/improvements especially when trying to locate hidden wormholes from above-ground. Don't want to have to F2 to find them :saint:.
    Loving the game! Can't wait for the next update!

  • I don't have answers for all the items so Im only going to address the compass. Server admins can use the setinventory command and it will give any player the inventory that the admin has at that time for new players on first log in and on player death. One of my servers every player starts with the axe, pick axe, Rake, Hoe , compass , stone and lumber. Its sort of a starter kit. I plan to add a gold bar as well. Some may say that it un necessary but I think it helps the new player when they first join enjoy the first experience of the game more.

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