Server Crashes When Crafting

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  • Kind of looks like some resources are missing. I just downloaded the latest update. This dump is from when I attempted to create lumber. Happens every time. This is a game breaker because it crashes the server to where nothing will respond. You can run around, but you can't manipulate the terrain, craft, or anything.

  • Is an old instance of the server still running in background (perhaps it was not terminated properly)? Have a look at the task manager, watch out for an "risingworld", "java" or "javaw" process (on windows). Tried the dedicated server myself just a few minutes ago, everything was working fine.

  • There is only one instance of java running. I always run with java not javaw because I want the console. No instances of RisingWorld. It still crashes every time when trying to make lumber. Probably other crafting too, but I can't get past lumber to check.

  • Hi Absalom,

    I have the same problem, when I play by joining my friend with his IP and even when I'm connected to the server we rent... Everytime I cut a tree, if I don't see any bush, I know that I'm gonna crash few seconds later...
    Same when I dig with a pickaxe, if I can't make any hole I know I'm gonna crash too etc...

    I saw what you said but I don't really understand how I can fix it, can you please help me ?

    Best regards,


  • on your own server, modify the batch file used to start the server.jar. Add to the end of it this:

    > log.txt 2>&1

    Then restart the server with that batch file and log in with the client and get it to crash. Then look at that log.txt file.

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