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  • Hi,

    I am trying to replace the textures for the ore. I have converted a "copper" JPG to 1024*1024 .DDS file but when I replace the file in the JAR it crashes the game. I noticed in the JAR file it changes the UNIX to FAT and the file size from 1.3mb to 600kb. Not sure what to do once it is converted or if I have to do anything else or how to re save the whole "Texture" folder as a JAR instead of zip as 7Zip does not give this option.

  • Afaik the size for wood textures are 2 dds files with 512x512 and 256x256. I think xou need 512x512 for ores. Maybe you take a look in your game folder how big the size for the ores is.
    I think your file is too big. There are some threads abour changing textures. Perhaps this could help you.

    The DDS file for copper extracted from the archive is 1024*1024 at 682kb
    The DDS file I made for copper is 1024*1024 at 683kb

    Not sure what to do with it though. I tried to merge it into the archive but that caused the game to crash.

  • The texture size of 1024x1024 is correct for ores (here is an overview of all texture dimensions).
    However, when the game crashes after replacing a texture this indicates that the format of the new texture differs from the rest of the textures. All textures within the same group have to use the same format and resolution. A slightly different filesize indicates that there is something different with the texture. Can you eventually send me your dds texture (and maybe also the original jpg file) via private message or via

    Btw it's recommendable to create a texturepack instead of replacing the texture in the jar file directly ;)

  • EN: The previous update changed the format of many textures. In most cases we use DDS Textures now. Due to this change, all old texturepacks are no longer compatible with the game, and need to be converted. Below you find information about all important game folders that contain DDS Textures, together with information about the used compression, and texturedimension (Note: In some cases there are two versions of a texture, a high and low resolution version).
    There are several tools out there that can be used to create DDS Textures, for example the Nvidia Photoshop Plugin
    Note: There will be more changes in the future, as long as the game is in alpha. Especially the textures in "Items" and "Player" folders will change once the new items and playermodel are ready.

    ConstructionsDXT1256x256 and 512x512
    Npc/AnimalsDXT1512x512 and 1024x1024
    Vegetations/LeavesDXT3512x512 and 1024x1024

    @red51 does this still apply? I'm editing all the images with (Paint . net) I found a way to make the vanilla textures HD and I want this to work properly on the first go. Here is a preview of it so far.

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