Direct download link for server files?

  • Good morning,

    Due to the frequent updates Rising World seems to have, I'd greatly prefer the option to directly download the server files on my server via wget rather than downloading them on my desktop PC and transfering them via FTP/Dropbox/Whatever. Unfortunately, when I 'wget http://download.rising-world.n…?type=server&filetype=tar', It appears to be downloading a file named 'download.php?type=server&filetype=tar' rather than the actual server .tar file. Could you please provide a direct download link, or, if you're more familiar with wget than I, is there some other way to do this like an argument that I am missing?

  • Unfortunately, when I 'wget…?type=server&filetype=tar', It appears to be downloading a file named 'download.php?type=server&filetype=tar' rather than the actual server .tar file

    This seems to be caused by the redirection. Do you still get the right file, i.e. the correct filesize? In this case you could just treat it like a .tar file, or alternatively rename it to a .tar file.
    Or you could eventually use wget --content-disposition if it's supported.

  • I am using the following command line to download the serverfiles(debian jessie):
    wget -O ~/newserver.tar ""
    The "-O" should do the magic thing .. saving the connected link data into newserver.tar file.

    There may be other types of archieves but at the moment those tar archieves works well enough.

    You could use a script like(maybe it works ONLY using debian jessie):

    wget -O ~/newserver.tar ""
    cmp ~/newserver.tar ~/download/newserver.tar
    if [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ]; then
    echo -e "No Update.."
    echo -e "Update found!"
    (here your code for stopping the game and extracting all files (except server.properies :D ), copying them to their proper position and restarting the gameserver again)

    I still use the mc (midnightcommander) to extract and copy the files manually.. IF I ever have plenty of time.. i would like to rewrite the script for automatism :)

  • Sorry for the late reply. To answer red51's question, no, the filesize was only 4kb when using it that way.

    DHLF's solution seemed to work. Looks like you just need to use the -O switch and specify an output file. Thanks, I really didn't want to have to install steam on my server. Should be pretty easy to write a script to auto-update the server now.

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