unable to attack npc in single player

  • hello new to rising world been having lots fun bar unable attack npc or defend my self when they attack me I try to attack using sword pick axe but fills like npcs have no hit box
    mite some be able help me thanks in advance

  • You are able to kill npc's but they are very hard to kill, the best thing to do is keep well away from moose bears tigers and cheaters till long range weapons are added


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • The morning star really pounds the moose but they still come close to killing you. Me and a friend tag teamed a bear, he had a battle axe and I had the morning star and we pounded that bear into the ground. You might try enlisted some help if you can't get them or just ignore them and stay away from the bears. Their aggro range isn't too bad.

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