Better system of electronics

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    • Better system of electronics

      currently, the game has a good ammount of elctronic items including the lamp, ore detector, compass, and clock. However, the abundance of copper ore and the very little use of copper has led me to an interesting thought. why not add wires to the game? and have other electronic devices in the game such as electronic logic gates? such as inverters (not gates), AND gates, NOR gates, XOR gates, etc, etc. This will lead to much more player playing the game because i would now be able to make awesome elctronic things using copper wire! Also it would be cool to add controllable items by electricity that can be turned "on" and "off" such as the lamp. now, Iam fully aware of "redstone" in minecraft and I dont want the type of wire to be in Rising World, copper wire in Rising World should be more "realistic" than redstone in Minecraft. I'am NOT asking for pistons, daylight sensors, dispensers, or hoppers and none of that s*it! what i would be very happy to see is a much better system of copper and electronics in Rising World, i have stacks and stacks of copper in my world and would love for electronic wire and more elctonic things to be added!
    • bleckman wrote:

      a whole eletric system is planned for the future. we are getting new player models and water first

      Yup, this.


      We are going to get into technology/electricity once we get the basics added in. We're still struggling in getting normal biomes, let alone the water related ones that they still need to find their way in. After that it's dungeons, animal fixing (collisions & etc), then maybe player models & etc. It's basically: water update -> Dungeons -> Animal collision fixing -> Player models -> Fishing/Horses & etc -? & everything else. Cooking & baking is also sometimes after this, as with everything else.

      Electricity is indeed planned (feature page) for the future with windmill type objects, vehicles (cars, trains & such), as well as other things. Once we get there we might even see the cables. You also bring up Minecraft with me going to nudge you to check out 'Industrialcraft 2' with how it did wires while giving you electric related materials. You would gain power from water, air (wind), & lava (geothermal) that you could smelt & cook your food whenever you wanted with ease. I'm expecting this type of complexity in Rising World, yet obviously with more care to fit into Rising World.

      If you're vocal enough (proper feedback), and if it fits the game nicely, then we could see these 'gates' you speak of also. Rising World is the type of game where you'll get what is actually needed so I'm sure you'll even see controlled switches also. As for you not wanting to see hoppers is something I'd love ot see for trains. How else are you going to dispense loose wheat, rocks, and ore from storage building containers into vehicles to then haul various large distances from one spot to the next? :P

      Hoppers ->…l-dispenser-in-mines.html
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