Tanning Rack Crafting Table, Leather Crafting, Other Vernacular Construction Materials

    • Tanning Rack Crafting Table, Leather Crafting, Other Vernacular Construction Materials

      Rising World is the game I have been waiting and wishing for many years :) With a versatile building system that allows the most creative freedom I've seen in any of the crafting games I've experienced, this game leaves me giddy for what it has in store for the future!So with that being said, I would like to contribute some aspects I would personally love to see implemented into the game.

      Crafting Station- Tanning Rack: The use of animal skins and furs has been a vital resource for human survival and the growth of civilizations. A tanning rack could be potentially used to craft a huge variety of objects, from wearables (like armor!), furniture/décor, and could even be used for constructing shelters (something I would love in order to make structures like tipis, yurts, and lavvus).

      The raw resource would obviously be obtained from any animal you kill; I think it would be more interesting to have many of the creatures’ skins be kept a unique resource and not be clumped together as just ‘animal skin’, and to have further influence on what can be crafted out of it.
      For small to medium sized animals the term “Skin” is used or sometimes “Pelt”, though the latter usually refers to heavily furred animals like as foxes and rabbits. For larger animals it is more often called a “Hide”, especially for thick skinned creatures.

      Some Crafting Material Ideas:
      • Leather (Strips)- could be used as a basic resource for crafting a variety of objects
      • Leather- perhaps even certain types of leather can be obtained from certain animals, such as Goatskin and Cowhide
      • Fur- can only be obtained from certain animal skins, currently foxes and rabbits are the only animals in game that are used traditionally as furbearers. Could be a material needed in crafting certain clothing to be a lining/insulator.
      • Rawhide
      • Parchment

      Craftable Object Ideas:
      • Leather Clothing/Armor Pieces- It would be neat to have the leather of the animal impact the effectiveness and possible appearance of it; timid animal leather crafting low/no protection and looking more like clothes, and leather from retaliatory & aggressive providing higher protection (aggressive the highest amount) and looking more like armor itself.
      • New Furniture Types- could allow the inclusion of new chairs, couches, and beds with leather and/or fur upholstery
      • Boots and Hats
      • Horse Gear (Saddle, Harness)- I believe horses are already planned to be included at some point?
      • Rugs- decorative furniture, I think it’d be best to be selective on what creatures this can be crafted from due to the sensitive subject of poaching
      • Leather Canteen- also known as a bota bag, can be used to collect and store water or other liquids. They were traditionally made from goatskin.
      • Drums!
      Like I’ve said, I would love for leather to be a material that could be used for building vernacular structures, such as tipis and other dwellings that have been used historically by different cultures and continue to be used by many nomadic nationalities from around the world.

      And on the subject of nomadic construction, I would love for the incorporation of other types of building materials, specifically those that can behave more akin to roofing/siding material (like the game's current wood planks with their ability to be rotated and layered/overlapped).

      The Loom could be used to craft textiles out of many different materials, potentially having its own construction format of material sheets/mats that could possibly have adjustable sizing, essentially being its equivalent to the Saw Bench’s wood planks (This on its own could be used for flooring or creating decorative rugs). The game's existing Cloth material could be implicated for this use (perhaps a certain number of cloth being able to be crafted into a mat/sheet of cloth).

      Below I’ve listed some potential crafting materials which were/are used by different nomadic peoples in constructing their shelters.
      • Leather Sheets- as mentioned above, used by many different indigenous nomadic peoples (more commonly for mobile or semi-permanent dwellings)
      • Felt- traditionally made from pressed wool. The most common material used to cover the mobile yurt used by nomads of the Asiatic steppes. In game could be crafted with a Loom, and could be further used extensively in crafting
      • Thatch- can be made from a variety of plants, such as grass/hay/straw, brushwood, reeds, palm leaves, etc. Historically and still widely used to construct roofs and is synonymous with specific cultural design (such as the traditional architecture style of the Polynesian Islands )- Could be crafted via Loom in the game, and has the potential for extensive crafting use as well
      • Bark Sheets- this was one of the more common materials Native American wigwams were covered with; in game a wood plank with a bark texture would probably work well, and be crafted via the Saw Bench

      I have little experience in game making so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these ideas would be too difficult to actually incorporate within RW, I just wanted to share some ideas that could allow even more creative freedom in constructing :) I would love to hear other people's ideas as well!
    • I like this idea a lot. I chatted with ArcticKitsu who said this sounds similar to the tanning craftwork in Skyrim which I looked up and it sounds very interesting.


      As a matter of fact, I don't believe we've yet had any in-depth discussions about pelt and hide and leather work on this forum. In the past we have had discussions on and proposed new plants such as hemp, reed, and bamboo to be added as sources of thatch and fiber and other basic crafting ingredients. ArcticKitsu has brought up several ideas for new primitive tools that could be made. We want to see this game develop to have a complex crafting system. I'd like to see something much better than what ARK offers. You start out on the land with no tools or weapons and you have to gather basic raw materials to make a simple tools and work your way through the various ages of technology.

      I personally want to be able to gather the hide of a bear to make myself a bear carpet! :D

      I will also say that a horse model does exist but is not yet available to spawn. Anything new to be added is possible and what you've proposed is most certainly possible, it just comes down to time spent coding and modeling. But you have two thumbs up from this fox on your ideas :)

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    • I did have Skyrim's tanning rack in mind and thought some similar basic mechanisms it has would work well in RW!
      I've yet to see it discussed myself which I found pretty surprising, since its one of the first resources that comes to mind when it comes to surviving and starting from nothing, it was very essential for primitive mankind.

      I sort of just wanted to outline the basics for a tanning and leather work system, I'm really not sure how complex the actual game mechanics should be or how realistic it should be compared to the real process. Maybe you would need to craft a Skinning Knife in order to collect the resource from animal carcasses. But when it comes to involving the other steps, it would end up a tedious multi-step process, as it is in real life xD and different tanning methods require different steps. I could see the possibility of adding a simplified mechanic for 2 methods of tanning processes: Traditional Native American Smoke tanning and Vegetable/Bark Tanning, but I think the additional mechanics would need to be multipurpose within the game to be incorporated or incorporate an existing mechanic. For Native American tanning it would involve having to smoke the hide via the Grill or Smoker to get the finished product.
    • Primitive survival is something I really hope to see and I think Red is onboard too. We've recently seen some models for more primitive and advanced tools than what we start out with so I'm hoping to see more development in the primitive. I've never played skyrim before but I like the idea of the tanning station. For a skinning knife, perhaps we can start with a bone to make a shiv and work from there. I hope that in the future we will be able to gather bones from large animals for use in making bone tools.
    • The one aspect of RW that really excites me is being able to have control on how primitive or how advanced you want your world to be, being able to make one save a modern world but another you have the minimal technology of the Stone Age or Bronze Age, and this allows you to further create a unique world :) I really love the idea of further incorporating specific cultures within the architectural design, technological advancements/limitations, and furniture. I hope Red plans to release furniture types that are based off of a variety of civilizations and their ornamental styles.

      I'm hoping to see some more primitive/improvised versions of some of the furniture in the future. There definitely needs to be more basic types of toilets xD I would also like to see more cooking tools/items for the fireplace/hearth: cranes, tripods, and spits for suspended cooking (ones made out of sticks and and cast iron ones), and be able to craft mattresses without any preexisting frame to let you sleep on the floor or build a custom bed post.

      Has a picture of the horse model been posted? I'm curious to see it!
    • Yes, many of us have similar excitement of the possibility of exploring all the ages of technology. ARK did an ok job with primitive tools but it skipped around too quickly. I hope this game does it right. If not, atleast this game is going to be designed to be mod friendly. If we can get the diversity of mods that Minecraft has then I'm sure any remaining gaps in vanilla RW will be filled quite nicely. I like the idea of a versatile game that offers something for everybody :)

      And no horse picture yet. I just snooped around in the jar files where I shouldn't have and saw some of the stuff that's modeled yet unspawnable.