MMD Models to Rising World Conversion.

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Someone sent me a picture of KanColle's Bismarck from the 'MikuMikuDance' (MMD) that I'm now overly curious if it is at least possible to have such files usable in 'Rising World'. I'm really wanting to see two specific Japanese mods for 'Rising World' (KanColle & Busou Shinki) that it would make things slightly (or highly) easier with how you can just carry over pre-made models without remaking them from scratch (Only if given appropriate permission). It may even simplify stuff for Rising World fun. I'm not a modder, yet if there's a positive permission of adding from the Japanese community to Rising World then you could see an interesting "modding boom" for the likes for this game. It would also appeal to the Japanese market (if you want to tap into that), as well as those in the western anime market to have their creative fun with also.

    I'm looking at Kongou (a British-Japanese battleship in human female form) using a .pmd or .pmx files. [Link is here] for Kongo that I'm curious if Red51 knows of a way to make use of these .pmd files to have Rising World read & convert them to then have 'NPC Traders' (Admin & survival types) use that model as a character customization preset, as well as possible 'hire-able' ones in NPC villages at some random pub, Inn, or similar. Maybe even through 'job' sign boards to acquire something at random in a somewhat gimmicky & basic gathering/slaying type thing. Whatever both Red51 & modders want to do.

    This thought is also bugging me so much that I'd love to see at least a simple test if these models even function properly in the game at this state, and more so after many updates down the line, to see if these models even functions in game. Not a full mod, just a model test to see if it can simply convert, they can walk, & such. More of experiments.


    [More files of MMD models over here to make note of. If you know which are KanColle units then bonus points to you.] - [KanColle & Kantai Collection tag that I'm more interested in; Scroll down the page.]

    My other intention here is by having Kongou & the like appear in the game during the water update & beyond is to hook the Japanese community in. That, and to somehow get my 'RCN' mod idea running. I suck at modding, yet something has to be added, & someone has to be the one to do it. I guess I'll ask in place of the 'shy' Japanese community :whistling:

    [Red, don't be afraid to Steam-chat me if there's any confusion or anything.]

  • Alright, a belated note that I did talk to Red51 that anything done via MikuMikuDance, Blender & etc can be easily carried over into Rising World. Even created from scratch and added into Rising World once the appropriate modding API is added. It'll be at first static models, yet once we get NPC Traders & etc we'll be able to have the following models imported into the games:


    red51: hey, the plugin api supports .obj, .3ds, .blend and .mesh.xml model files ;)

    This has me happy on the anime side because we should be able to import my desires, as well as anything elsewhere with ease. Can make many 'placeholder' type mods until everything ready is added into the game.

    I really am itching for Rising World to mature so we can have Pokemon (Pixelmon) mod, Star Wars, Busou SHinki, Fate/Grand Order, among many others. Even seeing North American media appear, whatever those may be. Anything.

    Can't wait for the player model & Customization update to allow us access to NPC Traders to begin fiddling with this.

  • Much agreed. Yeah, as I wrote on two forums and in three postings that I'd hope to make a fairly accurate 'Scathach' using default NPC options alone. Just get the brown flowing hair, red eyes, some black skin tights, some spear or polearm (realistic and/or fantasy) then allow her to join me, or at least be a guard. Once we also have bandits (hopefully respawn) things should be awesome & epic. Can't wait.

    If not via vanilla NPCs then I guess I'm seeking out a 100% accurate MMD type modding, yet hoping that clothing customization and such shall be detail enough that I won't have to resort to modding. I'm looking at this Scathach from 'Fate/Grand Order', more so after a game locked me out for security reasons.


    I guess I'd have to get fox ears & tail accessory modded in, yet hoping for some vanilla treatment. Wishful thinking, yet with a grain of salt.

    Fox Ear style (pointy)

    Tail style [Comes out above the back hip area]

    I guess it might be weird to non-anime fans, yet when done seriously it looks elegant & worthwhile........... As of this posting I'm really itching to have F/GO's Scathach in this game so I can make use of NPCs in stead in a vanilla manner. If not, MMD type stuff on the other end.

  • I tried finally tackling this that I went through a lot to try and get .pmd files to work in Rising World, yet couldn't. The .obj file didn't appear in my game in an untextued manner using the 'Staticmodels' in that untextured manner, something I wish it did just so I know it works by simply being grey.... As in the Bender program.

    I downloaded Blender to use the MMD addon, something in this video, with moderate success. I know how to use it, just that it doesn't openly export to obj, or any supported files. It only exports .pmx that it's pointless....Blender route may be useful if you want to pose the model in a static form to then export & convert, that's it. You'd have to convert to obj, somehow with textures, and that' what I'd love to know. I'd love to know how to export with textures easily convertable......

    I tried using Yuudachi (from Kantai Collection):

    .pmd to .obj converter:

    - Static Model Plugin:


    I'm now going to wait for Red51 to try and add some API support for the .pmd file format of some sort so Rising World can tap into (what I see) as a vast untapped modding community for the game itself to take advantage of. There's tons of models both the 'Anime' & 'Japanese' community can make use of because "it's already there", so why remake it? It's there, it could be carried over...... author willing. I'm waiting for some support, or maybe even a converter to convert .pmd to .obj (with textures) to play well with the 'Static Model' plugin.

    I may have to also wait for support for when NPCs may actually move that we can have a tool to apply default animations to them, as well as expanded modding wise stuff.

    It's a bit vexing that I couldn't get it to work, yet Red51 is awesome that he'll consider looking into making some sort of support after the Player Foundation update.

    (Edit: Highly tired that some parts may be garbled gibberish.....I'm "falling asleep in my chair" tired.)

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