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  • With many an idea on various aspects of the game I thought it best to place them in a single spot in as much organization as I can, many of them can be found at the steam forum or on other peoples threads here.

    Metals and Mining

    Metallurgy being for most in my mind.
    Combining coal with iron for steel
    Aluminum with copper for bronze
    Mithril with steel for stainless
    Gold with silver for electrum

    This could be accomplished through the smelter with an Alloy Mold

    Next on my mind being Gems and Crystals
    Quartz being the base of most crystal when found near other ores gives the various colors and is also the second most abundant mineral on earth.

    "Quartz is a defining constituent of granite and other felsic igneous rocks. It is very common in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and shale and is also present in variable amounts as an accessory mineral in most carbonate rocks. It is a common constituent of schist, gneiss, quartzite and other metamorphic rocks. Quartz has the lowest potential for weathering in the Goldich dissolution series and consequently it is very common as a residual mineral in stream sediments and residual soils.

    While the majority of quartz crystallizes from molten magma, much quartz also chemically precipitates from hot hydrothermal veins as gangue, sometimes with ore minerals like gold, silver and copper. Large crystals of quartz are found in magmatic pegmatites. Well-formed crystals may reach several meters in length and weigh hundreds of kilograms."

    Beryl is the base of Aquamarine, Emerald, and many others like quartz it's about the impurities it's found near so mining might get you a Green Beryl you could take to a jewel station to make an Emerald.

    Corundum is the basis of Ruby and sapphire a form of Aluminium oxide so found near aluminium deposits. (For the sake of simplicity) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…kipedia.org/wiki/Corundum

    Geodes might be found while mining at certain depths and used at the jewelry station as well.

    Diamond is carbon based thus found near coal deposits later tools could require them as diamond encrusted tips

    I think doing Gems and crystals as part of mining like they did in Skyrim would be a great little surprise. Say a thirty percent chance for crystal ten for gems at the surface and it increases as you go deeper. Or in specific places like near Lava. No making gem blocks but maybe crystal blocks.

    As for metals

    The smelting process could provide some waste that proves to be of use later or revel gem stones and crystal by removing impurities in metals to get them pure you get other elements to work with this could be seen as the top of the smelter keeps the impurities while the bottom collects pure metals via drip.

    I'd like to see the various types of stone come as large veins as well each taken more hits depending on its hardness

    Realistic Blacksmithing
    The smelter could be used as the forge for mold crafting (Casting) using a variety of trays. Mace mold Sword mold Pick ax mold Etc
    Other molds could then be used to craft additional items Wire mold Nail mold Bucket mold
    Pouring molten metal was a common practice from The onset of forging techniques for quickly producing the basic shape of the item. The fine details where then handled at the anvil. The base shape could be used as intended but only after the fine details did it become a true tool. This would work well for a tiered tool crafting system.
    Cast: Rank 1
    Tempered: rank 2

    The quench is often considered one of the most important aspects of forging as depending on how quickly it cools determines hardness and strength.
    The common quenching methods being.Air : rank 1
    Water: rank 2
    Snow: rank 3
    Brine:Rank 4
    Oil: rank 5
    This could be used to further a tier system.
    As for other items nails where commonly poured along with horseshoes and cooking pots and most disposable goods. However broken items where often reforged time and time again only to be stronger as more impurities melted from the metal.
    In this way people could also make higher tiered items Reforged 1 Through 10
    The most famous examples being the katana which was heated and folded hundreds of times.

    Other methods include the clay kilns used by Vikings though originally an Arabic or Indian (India) technique. The kiln consisted of several chambers where each chamber burned hotter and hotter thus melting away more impurities and allowing a better bond for alloys.
    Smelter rank 1
    Kilned rank 2
    Folded rank 3

    The fact that each metal has a particular melting point could bring in another factor much like burning meat one could accidentally boil away some metals or make the metals more brittle. Most steel needs higher temperatures but gold has a very low melting point.

  • The animals should have a list of actions I think and no inventory. Skin, Butcher, Take All, Compost or Bury. Rather then hiding the body you could leave little graves. Later you could come back for the bones or if you buried the meat get worms for fishing. Big fan of using every part of a creature you kill.


  • Building
    I have another post asking for the placement of metal plates and rods but it bears repeating. At this point I would like the flexibility of the ECS for all objects with its rotations As well I would like to see a physics tab on things to say drop a ladder and have it lean against a wall or prop a bucket on a door. As far as blocks go its mostly a matter of material properties and textures. Wood should float on water the metal should be hard to break. Really want a thatch roof texture. Would love some glass textures for blocks.

    Just a few considerations for when cooking is more relevant. The methods in the real world are many so I think Rising World should have as many as possible. Currently we have grilled, I think boiling, baked and. Fried should become options. When boiling the overcooked option would be mush not bad if you wanted mashed potatoes or spaghetti sauce. Baked would still be burned as would Fried and each method would come with its own benefits. Allowing people to throw anything into a pot and boil could make an array of both healthy and harmful foods. Fried food might fill up the hunger better but lower the thirst. Baked foods would be the healthiest option. Just something to consider.

    For Intellgent Creatures
    A series of pre defined cultural sets based on biome The people in the Savannah craft based on whats around them and dress accordingly, the people in the snow as well. Some way to have them gain tech just like the player does while taking their cue from the players and maybe allowing us to filter culture and tech based on our vision of our world

    For Animals
    Prey vs Predator mentally where you could watch the angry elephant smash the tiger for trying and the rabbits run from everything. Using a fear meter of fight or flight perhaps as a gauge on domestication in the future. The higher it is the more likely the creature is to attack the lower it is the more likely it is to flee, turning the meter a different color when you be friend the creature and then tame it.

  • Animations

    So when the new player models get here I would like to have the ability to Duck and roll during a fall to reduce damage, climb trees to escape predators, do a cart wheel to attract a mate only to embarrass myself and have the other cave men laugh at me. I think it would be nice to be able to chose or even create animations based on a few button presets.

    Crouch/ stealth
    Punch/ Kick- (Let me be a ninja Red)
    Tumble (Ninja)

    This would also allow those that enjoy obstacle course building to go a little bit further.

    On a survival note. Before we had weapons of stone or steel we had only our bodies to use in the hunt for food shelter and safety. We could climb and run and jump. Swing and kick and bite. Throwing a sharp rock was likely the first ranged weapon we invented, holding it before it was thrown the first melee. However before any of that we had only our limbs and when movement of self is your only offense and defense you learn to roll with the punches and use a knee if your pinned.

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