Baseless/Frameless Mattress + Adjustable Sizing, Hammock Type

  • With only a select few kinds of beds to currently choose from (as to expect in Alpha), I think one of the simplest solutions to opening up more variation/creativity is to just have the bed mattress available as an object. That way players could construct their own variety of bed bases and frames, or just have the option to go without if you’re building with only the basic necessities, or want to replicate the bedding customs of specific cultures/time periods. (The first example that immediately comes to mind is the traditional Japanese styled room (washitsu) where one sleeps on the floor in a futon bed)

    I also think it would be more efficient for beds to incorporate an adjustable length x width sizing mechanic, seeing all the different sizes mattresses can come in…7/Mattress-Size-Guide.jpg

    Ending with a final idea, I think it’d be a neat addition to have a hammock bed type (beachside r&r for the water update anyone? xD)

    Thoughts always appreciated, I would love to know if any of these concepts could be considered or are already possibly planned for future updates!

  • Detaching the bed frame from the mattress (and pillow!), so that one can make his own frame with planks and beams in a specific style seems an excellent idea to me too.

    However -- and sorry to repeat myself --, more cultural variety (for beds or for other elements) in the ready-made pieces needs some care. No matter how many cultural variations will be added, some will lack; this would add a significant burden on the development team for minute details, each of which is likely to be used by a tiny minority of the users.

    This seems to me a perfect use case for mods, assuming the mod/script/plug-in framework will allow to use custom meshes, as I believe it should (eventually).

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