American & Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Heyo! After seeing someone from the Rising World community pick up ATS while I was playing, even gaining achievements I don't have, I thought I'd bring the two lovely games to this sub-forum. The two games being Euro Truck Sim 2 of the whole of Europe (or in time being full), and the whole of American (maybe even Canada & Mexico later) that you can truck, customize, and travel to various coasts enjoying the sight. Both games update in parallel, or closely to such, that you mostly get the same type of updates the other has, within reason.

    Been playing 'Euro Truck Sim 2' happily because it allowed me access to Bratislava, Slovakia where I placed my base of operations at first, and always. I had to keep restarting my saves, yet keep putting it back as it was the first time around. I love ETS2, and I love the whole freedom of it. The same freedom you see in Rising World & Minecraft, and even Skyrim. Do things on your own terms where you aren't shoved into a linear gameplay style. As it is now I'm loving the Scandanavian update with Sweden being truly European-like while also giving off the Canadian Ontario vibe to it. It's awesome. A France DLC is coming soon also with it re-doing the current while filling in the void for us to further explore. I love trucking with my Canadian themed Volvo around Europe.

    American Truck Simulator was an odd one when it was first announced, yet glad I purchased it. It has California, Nevada, and Arizona, yet it shall expand with time. The time people keep whining about, and the same whining you hear with Rising World with water and all that stuff. Art takes time, yet I'm happy I'm in for the long haul with ETS2, ATS, & Rising World.

    - Euro Truck Simulator 2:
    - American Truck Sim:
    - World of Trucks:
    - My World of Trucks Profile:…ne_profile.php?id=1362383


    As a bonus thought: I keep thinking about "what if's" with how I keep seeing Rising World in both ETS2 & ATS, and how it be like to drive trucks around. How one would create roadways using various hand-held & vehicle related road pavers, as well how you would truck from one destination to another delivering your goods. Even having to back up in either a box truck or an actual cargo truck to reverse in the manner in ETS2 & ATS. It be amusing if Red51 would model out both European & American related trucks in both compact & transport hauling manner that you'd have to literally back it up, or just make tram/train styled turning points for the inexperienced.

    It's damn fun being able to explore in both games that I'm even wishing for Canada & Ontario to be added on the American Truck Sim side of things. WoT allows you to customize your plate to any state, as well as record your online contract stats, as well as expanding on its functionability as time goes on. It's similar to the Rockstar Club that Grand Theft Auto 5 & Online has, yet adds its own neat fun. Really can't wait to sport an Ontario plate, to visit Ontario, as well as make my base in Ottawa. It'll be years, yet can't wait for that to happen :)

  • I've got Euro Truck Simulator 2, got it for the same reasons you mention


    love the whole freedom of it. The same freedom you see in Rising World & Minecraft, and even Skyrim. Do things on your own terms where you aren't shoved into a linear gameplay style.

    , Must admit I've not played it much, too busy playing RW :lol:. After reading your post, you've encouraged me to dust it off :) thanks,]

  • Nice! Yup. I forgot to mention Silent Hunter 3 with you able to choose any sub, go to any grid, and attack in whatever manner you'd like. I love it. I love these type of freedom games. Lego Worlds is neat, yet it isn't as functional as Minecraft, nor Rising World, in its 'survival' elements. Lego World I want to hold up also yet it's more arcade that I prefer Rising World fun. Wish Flight SImulator X had Euro Truck Sim & ATS type progression. You just hop in, fly, and that's it. The missions isn't where it should have gone.

    I wish there was a game developer out there inspiring from Silent Hunter 3 to make an open-world free-roaming surface ship game. Work your way up the surface ships to eventually get bigger & better vessels. It's a shame people are too afraid, lazy, or lacking the funds & skill for such.

    I simply love ETS2 & ATS for both the freedom & how you have to progress by building your funds & your base of operations. That, and customizing your trucks heh.

  • Speaking of coincidence... while @ArcticuKitsu was posting his message, I was buying ETS 2! I cannot actually comment on it, as it does not seem to work on my Linux box; I tried browsing their web site but the support seems limited to an e-mail address: another big plus of Rising World!

  • Silent Hunter 3 is only $10 Canadian so just go ahead and buy it. It's an old 2006 game, yet it still holds true, strongly, and proudly that it puts all the modern naval games to shame.

    It's thanks to my friend pushing me to play ETS2 MP that I was able to learn how to reverse. Not the best, yet gradually getting better that I may go through my livestream highlights from Twitch to post onto my Youtube sometimes next week. I have Thursday & Friday off that it'll all go into Rising World, yet sometimes next week I'll try and go through my Twitch streams saved on my external to get blurry visuals of how I behaved on Silent Hunter 3, ETS2, & even ATS. That's going to take ages to convert & splice :/

    Yeah. Well, good luck on ETS2, and have fun with American Truck SIm also. Reversing is a fun one. Again, makes me wonder if Red51 shall give us box trucks, and/or trailer trucks to mess about with in the future. I would love to haul Minecraft goodies for a long while between settlement to settlement heh. If I can befriend more & get a dedicated private server going I'd love to invite people to join me in my (survival) world.

  • Wow....Silent Hunter 3 is now $5 on sale 8| . Well, hope people buy it then because it's the best naval game out there with no equal. That's no joke! I wish people made more open world naval games like SH3.... UBOOT is trying to be like that, yet Sims style, yet I feel it slipped trying to be too realistic. I feel they even have some arrogance issues also, but ya.

    Glad you got Silent Hunter 3 while also bringing up the movie 'Das Boot' being the best war movie also. You know the industry is suffering heavily when SH3 & Das Boot are the best & with no equal. Damn, are people horrible.

    And ya, 4x4 would be nice. Anything would be nice. I'm used to seeing Tatra trucks when in Slovakia that I'd be amused to see them in Rising World. There's a higher chance because this game is European heh.

    If this one isn't in then that's fine, but as supershanks said that it would promote trade on servers. You even hauling good to NPC villages, among other places. All in between settlements heh. Seeing as how I can truck in ETS2 & ATS, I could do so easily in Rising World. People probably might turn Rising World into a trucking world. Imagine having to fulfull jobs for people & NPCs where you can get daily timed requests & such in that NPC Trader manner, yet having it seen being used in the area.

    When NPC Traders come along I'd be amused if when the NPCs ask for melons that you would then see them eat the melons, store then, and just move them around their settlement. If fish, then you'd see them cooking fish :). It would go into their inventory/chests, then they would play with it.

  • During this relatively quiet time, I spent some time on ETS 2 again and, behold!, I could make it to work!

    In short, it was a matter of locating the 'real' app directory (which is not the same where most other Steam apps are located), finding the config.cfg and turn full screen off. Now, everything seems to work nicely!

    I am glad I can use it, but at the same time a bit disappointed as I discovered that the world is not 'real size' but compressed: going from Milan to Turin takes approx. 2 hours and a half in the reality, but in ETS2 it took less than 20 min.

    Maybe I am spoiled by my previous jobs in the flight simulation field, where everything is and MUST be 'real size': flying from Rome to New York takes 8 hours, as in reality! The realism of the scenery is not important (and I spotted some naïveties), but in a driving simulator at least routes should be REAL.

    Anyway, nice app!

  • I'm still happy with the 1:20 scale. It beats 1:30 scale going on that I'm highly amused by it in Euro Truck SIm 2. Nice being able to cruise across Europe in 3 hours (Bratislava to Calais) that it be neat to eventually go into Spain, as well as Croatia. I'm hoping Croatia shall make it into the game for when I was in Tucepi back in 2008.

    I'm going to assume that either Italy or Spain shall be next. After that, it should nudge its way into Croatia, Romania, and all those places. Slovenia also. Shall be awesome making our way all around Europe. I'm glad we have the "Going East' for expanded Slovakia, something I enjoyed a lot while discovering new roads still. Even enjoying Scandanvian DLC a lot for how lush & detailed that place is. Sweden is my favourite place, as with Norway. Heavily detailed areas, nice roads, nice highways, and interesting designs. Oslo has nice tunnels.

    France DLC is up next that my hype is real for France:

    V1.26 remade & touched up existing France locations, even redoing Paris that I'm assuming the rest of it shall be done in a DLC. Calais was nice, as was the road to Poissy. Even Paris itself with a nice bus stop area which should open up ways for a bus DLC or bus mod-pack. :thumbup:

    People claim that ETS2 is a junk game because SCS software won't update to DX11, as well as being ugly, low res game, and all that stupid tantrumy spoiled manner. Sorry, but they're a piece of crap with the games being awesome. I see nothing wrong, no wrong textures. It's a proper awesome game (with ATS) that people are just whiny tantruming idiots. I love France! You can see how awesome it is in Euro Truck.


    I tried to loosely find out where Red51 is based, yet it's not on the map. I stopped at Osnabruck, yet the place mentioned on Red51's site or something is simply a roadway, not place on the map. A shame. If he has an actual city listed on ETS2's map I'd purchase a base in Germany. Annoys me Wilhelmshaven isn't on there either for Silent Hunter 3 vibes. That bugs me. Even trying to find out if I can purchase a base for Uboot (movie) with U-96 being based in France, yet that's also not on the map. I'm annoyed.....Three connections with no place to buy places in ETS2's world :/

    I'll be happily trucking though.........

    [Images below: Me & my truck in southern Sweden; France V1.26 update with a Czech plane on the airport runway bridge around Paris; A bus station in Paris allowing for bus mods & DLC; A map of current Europe in ETS2 before my trip to Paris from Calais. More France shall be explorable December 5th onward.]

  • People claim that ETS2 is a junk game because SCS software won't update to DX11

    Being a Linux user, I couldn't care less about DX! :D

    The three things which bugs me more in ETS 2 are:

    1) The reduced scale (I understand your point and the playability issues involved, but I would still prefer a real size scale).

    2) How easy it is to earn money: earning almost the worth of a truck in a week (game time) is ludicrous! This is also related to the fact that you spend nothing to live, just for fuel, highway fares and repairs (and fines!), but nothing for eating, housing, family, etc., not even to rest in a hotel.

    3) The stupidity of the car drivers!

    Lastly, I would have preferred your other drivers did physically exist: I spent a night looking at my garage and I see no trace of them...

    That said, ETS2 is still the game I spend more time on, after RW of course!!!

  • Yeah, I wouldn't care what DX they use, or what method. The game is still fun, and I'm still feeling highly impressed over what I've seen in the game. Everytime I go trucking I keep thinking "I wonder if Rising World shall have this kind of quality", or when I see a train if I can zip around the map nicely in a similar style. I wouldn't care less about the graphics since it still looks awesome and you can do necessary stuff needed. These games & Rising World have similar type appearances that I can't help but imagine how I could play Rising World with those assets. If I will even be able to truck my supplies around the Rising World map in a similar style, minus the cash.

    1) Yeah, I guess that would be an issue if you wanted to truck around in real time. I guess you could make a truck mod in X PLanes 11, but it won't be the same. They had to do something more reasonable which would hit a bigger crowd & market. I'm fine with 1:20, yet it made Bratislava appear weird. They learned their mistake for ATS, and glad they did.

    2) Yeah, that's a thing that my friend complained about that he's now a rich kid trucking around wishing to spend it on things. He bought trucks, accessories, truck bases, and such that he only joins me on multiplayer to explore. I've been thinking that having a home to expand (Tower Unite style) would be neat. A trophy room, personal cars, and all that lovely stuff. It be neat to have what you mentioned.

    3) I had a few crashes thanks to them. The new toll booths in France.....You'll hate the pathfinding on them as they aggressively merge acting as if you're not there......Zipping in front of my truck......I once had a major crash near Poland thanks to one guy cutting into my lane with me smacking into him for how suddenly he merged. That jackass..... You also tend to get trapped at a truck stop when trying to head back to Tucson from Sierra Vista. Good luck getting out in morning rushhour........

    4) The 'no hired drives' on the road was my major pet peeve, and I guess it still is. I would love to see my hired truckers driving across Europe & America in some manner as I've also once gave them customized trucks. I have to rehire them again on my new saved profile restarting my progress from scratch again. I wish I could have seen them driving around, honking at me in greetings to make me aware of their presence. Just.....Add in the ability to see them, to wander, or to have the ability to walk around the trucking bases's meeting area so you can see them. More 'immersion', and such. Now that you brought this back up I'm now pissed off again I can't see them.


    The trolls of SCS Software blogging comments made me aware of another trucking game that I'm assuming is to show how ETS2 & ATS should look in quality, yet the textures are "too clean". Maybe they're in higher bloom, yet I'm not impressed. Where's the gameplay? Where's the fun? Stop trolling.

    On The Road - The Real Truck Simualtor:

    It's nice that SCS has a competitor, yet the textures need to be deepened more. :rolleyes: I can't wait to explore France!

  • I"m surprised I haven't come back to this thread after so long. This game is fun, and has been fun whenever I couldn't play Rising World, and other games.

    The addition of Arizona, Heavy Cargo, and the introduction of doubles & triple trailers for American Truck Sim is awesome. Even the workings on the new beta parts. New Mexico is coming into the game. Even working on new 'flares' (car lighting) that it'll make it more visually pleasing.…ulator-128-open-beta.html


    Euro Truck Sim 2 added France DLC, Heavy Haul, and is going to add in double trailers into the mix. Fun road trains heh.


    Then you have me playing around with ETS2 again making a base in France to up a naval oriented base of operations in La Rochelle over my anime interest. My whole interest in Silent Hunter 3 sub sim, and KanColle that I wanted something closer to water. A marina. I'm showing off some French pride to any French people here via Commandant Teste from KanColle, based on the actual vessel in WW2.

    Posted some images with the last image showing scenery of France of what I'd love to accomplish in Rising World for when water can be placed in a much friendlier manner. I just love this game that buying that 'Renault Magnum Excellence' gave me a nice boost of morale. I want to keep playing it! Truck is truly thematic to France & La Rochelle heh.

  • Guess I'll be posting to myself as I have fun playing both ETS2 & ATS while waiting for Rising World to update. Daboiye was interested, guessing that he lost interest on it so soon.

    On the ETS2 front I've been having even more fun roaming through France that it's a beautiful nation. The southern portion of France being designed to be more rural, and wooded that it's awesome. I have to truly wonder if we'll end up getting these sort of European cargo haulers into Rising World, or if they'll stay the size of 'Japanese Fish trucks' (Subaru Sambar), or something. There's even a nice European version, the problem being I don't know the name of it. It's in ETS2 as AI traffic, yet I just don't know the name of it. Be nice to have in Rising World.

    Horse & camels first, but yeah. I know I'm desiring a lot, yet just 'brainstorming'.

    France, you're awesome in this game that it makes me imagine 'what if's' of Rising World.

  • - American Truck Simulator - 1.28 Beta:

    ATS is currently going through a beta phase again planning to add double & triple trailers into the game, as well as better lighting (flares) to vehicles. Even a customizable main menu. Those triple trailers sure are something that you really do end up feeling like a road train on the road. It's however only in Nevada with doubles elsewhere. I wanted to try it out to see what the fuss was about, and it's awesome. I can't wait for them to pop up in the job market for me to haul.

    The double trailers shall be in ETS2 & ATS, yet the triples shall be dotted around wherever it's legal in North America. Heavy cargo is everywhere, and that's highly rewarding in itself.

    I'm surprised I even managed to do a trip in my painfully sleep deprived manner doing a few hours run. My body obviously protested, yet I somehow managed. It feels worth it as I nudge myself closer to level 20 to soon be able to unlock proper long haul trucks :D I just love these games. Must be an age thing that people above 20+ gradually tune into these things, or something. It's peaceful. I love it.

  • - American Truck SImulator: [Musical Road]:

    Sleeper lines are being added into American Truck Sim in a way they hum out specific melodies. This specific one, in New Mexico, hums out 'America The Beautiful' that I find it charming.

    - Euro Truck Simulator 2:…-2-open-beta-ver-128.html

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is gaining Doubles, yet they're only available in Scandanavian nations right now. Only available if you have the DLC, and it's worthwhile having the DLCs.

    Itally is also coming to ETS2 in the near future. I have to applaud SCS Software for having fun with the video because you know they genuinely love their titles.


    - Side-note: (Important note) - 'Having Fun':

    It's these little things that the developers keep doing that I can view it in parallel with Rising World, and such. Every game is all the same in development processes, yet they all reach different stage and styles in the end. Easy comparisons when you see small and big updates that you see how content is inserted into games. How content is made, how it's hyped, then added into the game that it follows a process. Then there's the part about 'easereggs' (hidden & in the open) where you see small eastereggs that you know they love their game. Something small, yet it's still big enough for you to make notice of in a nice fun way. It's there for 'fun''. I love seeing SCS Software having fun with their game via the Italy teaser video, as well as adding musical roads. Even that roadblock in California. You know they love their game.

    If a developer has these sort of attachment to their game then you know the game is worthwhile because the developers are having fun. This is something you failed to see with EA games, Ubisoft games, and such because of how they're forced out. Whenever they managed to they'd sneak in something, yet those were rare. Indie games are different that they can do things more on a whim, and it's awesome. Japanese games though, those are a work of passion because they tend to dig deeper because they have 'gallery modes' for unlocks. You'll find a lot of eastereggs there. Even so, it's fun seeing game developers have fun with their own games by going off the beaten path.

    Out of curiousity, have we seen Red51 have fun with his own game? It must have been shown via the preview images where he just decorates things in a nice complex manner for us to enjoy. If we see Red51 having fun by giving us some 'random' feature then we know he's having fun with his own game. Just look at the 'musical road' portion to see how much fun SCS Software is having. It's their passion project that they love what they're doing.

    Once the 'Player Foundation' releases for Rising World we'll see how much of a passion project the game is for Red51. :D

    (If anybody claims I'm rambling i'll be upset with you. I tried making this a 'clean' post.)

  • The above is a spambot, and needs to be deleted asap.


    - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - [Doubles update]:

    Both Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American truck Simulator updated to add doubles & triples into their version. Doubles are in all states for ATS and in Scandinavian nations in ETS2; Triples only in Nevada. It's a nice welcoming addition adding more difficulty and variety to the game by giving you more ways to drive to deliver your cargo. Light flares have been fixed to be softer and more natural, something you can make out the detailing on the vehicles where it actually appears proper, and sharper.

    A nice amount has changed. Even driving from Kalmar to Bergen was quite a journey. Once I reached Norway the terrain changed rapidly into a mountainy area looping you around places, even going underground to find two roundabouts...... Lovely Norway scenery.

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