Announcement Pre-Version of the new Plugin API

  • sg-1 wrote:

    Miwarre wrote:

    Not sure to understand.
    I mean. How to run Plugin in the game?

    Java Source Code

    1. package myplugin;
    2. import net.risingworld.api.Plugin;
    3. public class MyPlugin extends Plugin {
    4. @Override
    5. public void onEnable(){
    6. System.out.println("My Plugin enabled!");
    7. }
    8. @Override
    9. public void onDisable(){
    10. System.out.println("My Plugin disable!");
    11. }
    12. }
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    The API is not fully implemented yet but once it is Red51 will post on how it all works

    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S