remote camera

  • So I was thinking about how in the game Myst, you open the book and there is a video of the place you are going to warp to. it would be nice to be able to create a viewport in a GUIPanel that plays a video (pre-recorded or live) of a remote location.

    The camera could be fixed or have a programmable flight path. E.g. We program it to rotate, and translate along certain axis across a period of time. A fixed camera would be great for security monitoring wheras the flight path could be used for the Myst book or anything really such as a flyover of a golf course.

    camera object could extend net.risingworld.api.worldelements.WorldElement

    • newCamera(fps, resolution) -- the rest of the graphical details can inherit from the player's settings

    the current set/get methods for Position and Rotation in WorldElement are fine however the we need more move options...

    • moveTo only allows us to set destination position at a given speed
    • we need to be able to smoothly change to the new position and Quanterion smoothly over a period of time or at a set speed
    • the return is a video or actual game rendering within the game that is visible in the gui panel

    I don't know how you do complex flight paths in 3d animation software but I imagine its a series of translation and rotation steps with start and stop points along a line. So the motion could complex and smooth or as simple and rough as you want it to be.

    If there's a flight path object in 3dsmax or blender that could be exported then maybe a option to import a complicated flight path would be an opton too. he API would make the various calls to rotate and translate over time for each point on the flight path line.

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