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  • I was just curious if there is a default behavior in the chat window for beginning a message with / and also what other built in functionality for parsing the input might be.

    Is there a whisper function or is that handled by mod? For example, on the Freaks server I can type "/OtherPlayer Hello" to say "hello" to OtherPlayer and the message does not show in my chat window. Is this also default behavior?

    Also, what is the difference between a "text" and "yell" message type?

  • If a message begins with / , it is always considered as a command (i.e. the "PlayerCommand" event will be triggered). It does not show up in chat (unless a script/plugin creates an output).
    Whispering to another player is already implemented. You can type "@playername text" into chat to send a private message to another player. Nobody else can read this message (even server admins can't see it), and the target player hears a small notification sound and the message is highlighted ;)

    About text and yell messages: Text messages are regular chat message, yell messages, on the other hand, will be displayed very visibly in the center of the screen for a few seconds.

  • Yeah, sort of, but it's a pulsating text ;) You can actually try it in singleplayer by typing "yell <your text>" into console.

    Both the chat and console use relative coordinates for the size. Right now it's unfortunately not possible to change their position, although it wouldn't be a problem for the chat, but it's a little bit more complicated for the console, since it would be necessary to change the "move-in animation" as well (would be no big deal to move it to the bottom of the screen, however, the "design" of the console [input field at the bottom etc] would still be the same).

  • If the console is relative in size then that works even better. So if I know the console won't be more than 20% the height of the screen then I'll make sure my window is never larger than 80%.

    What I was envisioning is that any custom services offered should be migrated out of chat window and into console. I'm not even sure why everyone is using the chat window for commands in the first place. For my idea, the console would be below the panel and the panel would be the output device wheras the console just shows keyboard input, kinda like if you were sitting in front of a computer terminal :)

    The only issue I have with the console and chat window right now is that both of those and the F3 text overlap so it is difficult to use them all effectively at the same time.

    I'm not sure what you mean by move-in animation. Anyways, this is just a suggestion. Low priority. :)

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