Thank you guys for helping me out to configurate my new Server

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Hy guys

    It would be awesome if one of you could take the time to Guide me thru the steps to set up a dedicated server. I read all the stuff here but am a bit too far away from all that topic to get it done like this.
    Im shure in a quick TV-Session / or TS this is not going to take a whole lot of time.

    So if anyone of you Routiniers can and wants to help me out on that please write me an PN so we can set up session.

    I speak english, german and spanish so that should not be the problem.

    Thank you guys in advance!

    Cheers Cohiba

  • ?( You sure you didnt see the pinned topics yet ?

    heres links just incase.

    WINDOWS How To Setup A Windows Rising World Game Server

    LINUX Linux Dedicated Server Startup Guide

    GENERAL INFO Hosting a multiplayer game

    ----- not pinned ---

    ANOTHER PERSONS TOPIC Explain setting a server up to a newb

    source: Server Help

  • thx for helping out Silver Satin. Uff again a server which i spent hours on vlosed without a warning. Getting a bit tired of this. :( so me and some friends were thinking about if it was possible to add some "mission" to the game. (within the possibilities we allready have) and we ended up having some very funpromissing ideas.

    Our situation: no programmers and no computer skills over microsoft word and excell. xD

    So what we hope to find here are server hosts, that are willing to maybe stick heads together with us and take a look at our ideas. Maybe we can do something cool all together.

    As traffic on rw doesnt seem to rise we should actually try to get more players to one server. Instead of having 99 servers 15 used and 4-5 with more than 2 players online.

    So yeah. With WE i mean me and friends (Europe). So any europe hosts that are interested in. Just write me a msg and we can check things out.

    Hope you all started off week successfully

    Cheers COHIBA

  • found. ^^ and now how can i now do all the grouping and zoneing and that stuff. Do we have any thread about it? Or even a tutorial video? I just want to make server accessable for anyone so ill have time to learn all that stuff... Would you recommend whaiting for the new APIRelease before learning all that stuff?

  • Many things can be done by using the permission system ;) You find some information about that here: Permission system

    If you want to create your own scripts/plugins to customize the gameplay for your server, I'd highly recommend to wait for the new Java API. Once the new API is ready, the old Lua API will be discarded (i.e. there will be no more support for it).

  • thanks Red. I have read some more threads but i still dont know exactly how i can create various groups with different permission-sets. And provide area-protection. For to start off this would be sufficent. Just to start learning all that stuff. :)
    I.e. I learned about all the permission set ups but where os the file where i have to enter those things. Im using Nitrado.. Does it make a difference?
    And setting up groups and default (rooky)
    havent found out. And where to enter?
    Plus area protection does this change also with the java api? So should i whait careing about that?
    Quiet some questions left. ?(

  • I think the major problem is that i dont find the Script where to enter those informations. as im Using Nitrado, i have only one script accessable over the Nitrado panel which is called "". i have a minimalistic list of stuff that i can change there. (i dont know if i can post it here or if its better to send this in a PN)
    But there are no subfolders like Group or Grouppermissions and all that stuff. So i just dont get where to add all this stuff. thats probably where i am stuck right now.

    id be really thankfull for any help in this case.. =)

  • OK now. ive implemented the permission scripts. but it says "Group Moderator not found"

    heres my config for moderator - whats wrong

    ps: i typed all positions in deny first and then the ones i want to be allowed after so i allways have all positions in my "Master.Permissions"

  • The names of the files are wrong: .permissions is just the file extension, it does not belong to the name. So the name has just to be default.permissions (instead of default.permissions.permissions) for example.

    The content of the permission files is also erroneous: Make sure you use correct indenting, this is a common problem when mixing spaces and tabs, especially when using the default Windows Notepad editor. In the default.permissions file, there is a wrong indenting in line 41, 48, 70 and 73-76 (this is not visible in Windows default Editor). Also keep in mind that permission files are case sensitive, that's especially important when using the "deny" or "allow" tags (in the default.permissions file, check out the "deny" in line 52). In your default.permission file, the "fixedspawn" permission (in line 30) uses a captial letter, which is wrong (it has to be "fixedspawn").

    Apart from that, the "items" permissions at the bottom are incomplete, they need a "deny" or "allow" tag, and the "info" permissions at the beginning don't need an "info_" prefix (unfortunately there was a wrong explanation about that in the pinned topic, I've fixed that now^^)

    I've uploaded a fixed default.permissions file, basically the things I've mentioned above also apply to the moderator and visitor permissions ;)

    PS: I'd recommend to use the Notepad++ Editor, which is much better than the default Windows Notepad editor:
    I'd also recommend to make file extensions visible in Windows (by default they will not show up), this avoids confusions with the file names and extensions:…-file-extensions-3341794/

  • Used Notpad++ uploaded your default.permissions exactly how you have uploaded it here. Copied it and made a visitors.permission and tried to change adjuts a bit for moderator.permissions. allso uploaded

    I will see tomorrow if it works.. nobody online =)

    Next steps are going to be AreaProtection and WorldEdit.
    I have uploaded the Compass.script / AreaProtection.script / WorldEdit.script

    the only one that works is the Compass.script. I dont know what im doing wrong with the others.

    - no reaction on any commands

    World Edit
    - same

    Next step will be.
    How can i make different groups have different rights in differen areas. =) like team one cant do anything but kill and loot in team twos Camp and the other way. =)
    is it possible to create areas in areas? means i add every teammember to one big area (camp) and various zones inside the camp to different players?

    Yess... a lot of questions still. But progressing. =)

    thanks anyway again for your help and ill let you know how i do. =)

    Cheers Cohiba

  • You're welcome ;) About the Lua scripts, make sure you put them into the right folder. For example, when downloading the AreaProtection script, you will find a folder called "AreaProtection" (which contains several files and subfolders) in the zip file. You have to extract this folder into the "scripts" folder in your server directory. In other words, you are supposed to have this folder structure:

    About areas in areas: Yes, that's possible. So you could create a big area and add several smaller areas inside the big area.

  • Glad to hear that :)

    About the groups for areas, you find the group files in /scripts/AreaProtection/Groups. They are different from the regular server permission files, but should be self-explanatory. Just grab one of the existing group files there and modify the particular permissions ("true" to allow a permission, "false" to deny it)

  • hmmm. Ok but the existing files they refere to groups. No to a zone. How can i set up permissions for one player to be able to build in his lot limitless and in the camp streets they have no rights exept of pvping and looting bodies. and in other clanmembers lot they have absolutely no rights. Then in other clans camp they have no rights exept of pvp and looting. So i have 1 player that has 4 different types of permissionsets in at least 5 or 6 different zones.. Thats my major problem in this case. :) i think

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