[PS4/Vita] Dragon Quest Builder

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  • This new game is being compared to Minecraft by even worded as "Japan's answer to Minecraft". Dragon Quest Builder is a more 'playful' take to the main franchise (something I'm unfamiliar with), yet love where this game is going with its building & RPG.

    - Homepage:

    - What do you do?

    Build! You recruit NPCs to rebuild a city (among other things) to reclaim darkened lands to bring light back to them. You build, and build. Building various homes & various buildings to then allow your NPCs to craft various items for you & themselves, as well as defend yourselves from the threat around. NPCs shall help you while also needing to feed yourselves by crafting food. You build & eat, fight, explore, even trying to defeat the main boss. It's an RPG Minecraft, something people have wished for ages, most especially ever since laying eyes on Minecraft.


    - My Thoughts;

    It pains me this isn't on PC, yet I am still able to play Vita. Even considering getting a PS4 for this game, among others. I'm loving this type of game because it's adding a story to a free-roaming game, as well as giving NPCs actual role into the world. NPCs have their own quests lines while also building random things for you (from their own inventory) by crafting various furniture and items for you by each night. They even try to defend the settlement from mobs, something I'm loving. I love this kind of depth. A life-like world that I want Rising World to seriously take note of. Take a few pages from this game by adding it into the game by having NPCs being aware of their surroundings, defending the settlements, maybe even building things for you at random using their own inventory, or something like that.

    Rising World would be awesome with NPCs being attracted by your settlements that they would ask to be houses there for safety. If you have a bed, light, and the 'standards' then NPCs should be attracted to you by then benefiting you by tending to your farms, fishing, building you furniture, among other things. Rising World shall support story mode so there should be a way to have NPCs guide you when you encounter them. There should be a way for you to set down markers & way points to your NPC friends so they can even assist you in various tasks. Basically what's being done in Dragon's Quest & Timber and Stone games, yet not really. Loosely, is how I"m wording it. What would be awesome is if the NPCs in Rising World would also keep an eye out for items you're looking for, even building things for you at random by leaving in the chest. Maybe even various ores & such they may 'encounter', if Red51 is playful with the idea of having NPC friends going out on expeditions for you (even marked on maps) to do things for you.

    This game in itself though, it's awesome. I love how you can build a settlement. I love the whole idea of attracting NPCs, building, and even keeping it going to make it something grander. Having to spoil both yourself and your NPCs as you tend to both their & your needs at the same time. That's what I love! My fear is, as being a console game, is that you'll hit a dead end that you'll no longer be able to play, thus my pain of it only being on PS4/Vita. We'll obviously have fun, just that the fun is limited. You're forced to be a pessimist that it won't gain DLCs or anything to keep it going. No randomized maps, or anything.

    I would love to know if there'll be randomized maps and such, yet that doesn't seem to be the case. Still a neat game, yet a game that really needs to be updated via DLC content, or given a chance to go PC on Steam for a much more prolonged modding support for content expansions. Simply look at Minecraft, then 7D2D, and then Rising World when it matures more with modding support.

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