Vehicle Function, movement, & Modded Recipes.

  • Alright, seeing as how this fits this topic I thought I'd try posting. I do apologies if anything comes out as gibberish as I just suffered major stress caused fatigue, yet shall try posting anyways since I talked to Red51 about what's in the new API in forgetfulness. I'm also not sure how detailed the models can be as one so feel free to correct me also. This is also to test something on Tuesday onward (as for which one is to be seen).

    1) Objects/Items as Boats & vehicles:

    >Boat: Seeing as how one can import objects & items I'm curious if there's a way to set up a way to have actual boat models (modeled with corridors & such) to float about the world. Not with physics, but on set waypoints because was told it be difficult + animations for NPCs not supported. Having something as small as a raft up to something the size of a World War 2 battleship (i.e Bismarck) to roam the seas is what I'm now seeking in both curiousity & experimentation. The part that is the actual question being if one could use detailed World War 2 type vessels, as well as civilian related, roaming the waters. It's been said this is more for servers, yet it be amusing if we had it for survival also in some manner.

    1.2) Cargo: A way to store items via the menu manner while having the cargo space tied to the object. Once could set up presets on what it should focus carrying, even storing the goods as it moves the waypoint. If it's a Ferry it should focus on horses, camels, cars, & etc. Even the odd movable storage container within a storage container. If possible, it should scan the radius of NPCs in the viewable area on the parking area (maybe even setting up cones to register where to focus its radius) that you can then drag & drop the icon in the menu into the storage menu, maybe even in a jig-saw/tetris manner.

    1.3) Timed Command: One could have it where the object could be commanded by various tweaks as to how fast it should travel, as well as sync up with effects like smoke & etc. Could have the boat docked for something like real 20 minutes to then set sail as it follows its waypoint to the next continent (whenever we gain that world ocean biome & etc). Time how long it could stay docked, when it leaves, how fast it should travel, and possibly see about adding 'momentum' into the mix.

    1.4) Waypoints: Waypoints was said to be confirmed, yet to be sure this should be accessed via both creative & survival form in the form of a banner one can place when walking, running, swimming, & such. Just have it follow this set waypoint while being invisible when activated, maybe even having a soundeffect trigger for various sorts of vehicles. Car, train, fog, or boat horn, among others.

    Now, try twisting this for cars, trains, buses, and such. Even an immersion breaking static moving horse-drawn wagon carrying stuff as we go point-to-point.


    - Rising World MoveCraft: [Has been done here: SimpleCars ]

    Would there be a way to sit in a static object to then be able to move it around, something like movecraft in Minecraft? Craft/spawn the vehicle in, activate it via a 'key' system (item trigger, or something) to then be able to move it forward, backwards, left & right. Even having a command to rotate the vehicle while being able to carry stuff within. If it can store stuff within then one can utilize roadways with 3D static vehicles, even if immersion breaking (no moving parts), until Red51 implements actual functioning vehicles himself.

    Horses & camels would still be superior until Red51 adds in his own vehicles. This is more for NPC, item, and server focus of mass-transport, yet if one wanted to drive fandom vehicles it could be possible. Maybe even Wurm/Skyrim style with horses & carriages with a large storage capacity. Even the odd fun cartoon & anime fandom related thought.

    It should be able to detect the terrain while being able to move up with it, as well as down. If one imports an airship we should be able to move it upwards, downwards, and anywhere on command.

    Bonus: If this all works out maybe one can add in fuel requirements of hemp turning into oil for vehicle use. Logs for airships & etc. Horses with carriages would need food & such.


    - Modded Recipes & Crafting Bench (Survival):

    Well, recipes for modded items seems to be a thing planned for the near future hoping that it's easy to use. I proposed that we would get a specialized 'modded crafting bench' for modded items to spawn from, yet didn't mention that one could also categorize items through furniture, and such. It's already on the list, yet hoping for a way to allow us easy access to putting models in a folder to then get an object out of it. Not animated, yet something interative and ready for in-game preset programming. Red51 mentioned using Presets to turn objects into furniture functions (turning a chair into a proper chair, yet a modded chair), yet it would also be fun if we could have a folder to add in models attached to notepad listing ID, category, materials to use, and what sort of item it is exactly by also having each model be in its own folder for organization purposes.

    1) Place model in folder
    2) Make a notepad with name, ID, category, material requirements & durability/Place predtermined notepad info in folder
    3) in-game crafting modded bench
    4) Gather necessary resources to craft it to then spawn it
    5) The object hovers infront of you waiting to be interacted with in front of you in a ghost pattern. Have it scaled (or preset scale), in-game preset commanded (scaling it, giving it an in-game detailed function, and etc), and even placing it where needed.
    6) Extra: If Vehicle, prompt the name of the vehicle, set to follow specific coloured waypoints, set timing & etc (creative & survival), Once travel flags are placed it can read to follow, or even follow as you place them.

    I believe Red51 said that adding recipes to modded items he's looking forward to so that's another hyped thing. I want to work for what I'm adding, and hoping that it would be simple enough to just pull it into the game to then sync among players also in both server & open lan.

    Yeah, I'm just wanting to fiddle with something. It's been said we can even fiddle with soundeffects & music that I'm hoping there's a way to DJ in Rising World in a modded sense. Have it read from playlists online, or even read from a music folder set on the server, or to be directed to a folder on your harddrive to stream real time. I'm thinking way too much because Rising World allows for these possibilities to tinker.

    [Note: Again, if you're confused as to what I'm saying ask for me to clarify hoping that the next day isn't harassing me, in that I can give you a clearer answer in focus.]

  • Alright, I see this thread has been checked off. What I consider checked off being vehicles. The rest is still open for scripting. Let's try adding storage capacity to vehicles, as well as a crafting bench?

    Thanks for the ' SimpleCars ' plugin! That's awesome. Good luck polishing that up until when Red51 adds in his own.

    I'm curious when people shall add in boats & trains though. Anybody want to tackle that?

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