• i love the idea someone had on adding npc's to the game. im gonna take it a step further and say,add npc's male and female and children. it would be so cool to be able to find a spouse and get married and have children! also they would have diff jobs in their community and trading would be cool too. so you could buy meat from a butcher and veggies from a farmer ect.....maybe even hire say a hunter to do some hunting for you or guards to help you raid dungens......

  • If Red51 manages to get to this stage it'll be interesting fun to be had. The whole bit of adding NPC Traders (Creative side), traveling merchants (survival side), as well as raiders, pirates, bandits, among others. Even the whole hostile cabin log dwellers who have severe cases of 'cabin fever'.

    I wonder if Witch above is spoiled by the likes of both Skyrim & that 'Kingdoms' game of finding a spouse to merry. Even 'Stardew Valley'. Curious if mods would cover the marriage side of things to have a spouse & kid going. I wouldn't be against it as it would open up another set of paths to customize what the child looks like to then have them gradually (very slowly) grow. It would add more 'survival' type attachments to the game with more world personalizations. No sex scenes; no +18 content people would get insanely offended about because that would kill them like a bad allergy for some foreign reason. I guess after much traveling, dungeon exploring, having them ringed & such would trigger a rare spawn of a baby after a while with the baby spawning triggered by the opposite sex (or same sex, if that floats your boat). You would then have to protect them from the threats of bandits & such by adding guards, having a mini kingdom going, and such. It be interesting in and outside of itself of 'marriage'.

    I'd be more excited for NPC professions in the manner of 'Timber & Stone' for they could be tasked with farming, logging (cutting trees), cooking, fishing, among other helpful things. We would have traveling merchants, yet I'd be happy with having those basic NPCs to start off with.


    That, and I'd been wishing for (a long time) in having a 'bodyguard' type NPC follower. Just someone you can customize, follows you, does combat when needed, and can chill at home. Basically what's in Skyrim, but simplified in Red51's & Rising World's case. I however get carried away by desires that I would enjoy it if they kept an eye out for items you're seeking that they would go after it, if it's in their line of sight. They would go after cotton, potatoes, among other things, if told. Thinking about mining, they would follow you underground to then mine out any ore they see in eye sight (exposed). Take them to a mining area then see them dig like crazy.

    Bonus Addition:

    This is if Red51 wants to challenge himself in having 'Timber & Stone' type leveling tree that the more they do in a certain job the better they get at it. The quicker they will be, more efficient, and etc. If they chop trees they would get faster at doing such, yield more, be less tardy & etc. It might be difficult in Rising World's case, yet you could probably have a fake 'hit' & 'miss' going on covertly in the resource harvesting code for them. Similar with fishing, and etc. Farming would be far more efficient by seeing scattered crops at first, then neater ones later on. You'd eventually see bigger fish being caught in the fishing profession, and etc.

    [Recruiting NPCs in survival should be done by rescuing them from bandits, as well as in the wild. They should randomly spawn in & out when you haven't rescued them to get a chance at recruiting them. Maybe befriending 'bored' bandits, raiders, & pirates. Anything.]


    If Red51 hates me & us posting this stuff then he can blame 'Timber & Stone', Skyrim, Rimworld, Black & White, Minecraft's 'Little Maids Mod', among other for spoiling me & others. I'm always going to drop in an NPC thread because I want to fiddle with them highly. :whistling:

  • im spoiled on modded minecraft lol,i use minecraft comes alive all the time. little maids mob is awsome too lol. rising world is on the realistic side so i thought npcs that you can buy from and sell to as well as marry could/would be a good idea :) plus make single player not so lonely lol

  • What I saw from 'Timber & Stone' on Weem & Vortac side of things, as well as Minecraft's Little Maids Mod (haven't played either) is where I'm hoping it's where things shall go. Simplistic, yet complex enough for basic RPG stuff, professions, assistance, commanding, and etc., The features within those games being interesting that I'd love to see where Rising World would take it. Spoiled too much by other gaming mods & features that it would be sweet to see it in Rising World.

    Yeah, I do wish NPCs could be rescued in the wilderness, recruited from bandits, raiders, and & such via some mini quest or favours, or even sparing their life with a script triggering a little moment for you to recruit them. Whatever Red51 wants to do it or not is up to him, yet it'll be another survival element to recruit. I hope he does something for survival side. That, and we both have the same reasons for wanting NPCs also that I'm god damn tired constantly asking my buddies to join me when I could have NPCs joining me, assisting me wherever. That, and NPCs wouldn't give you drama by muting by giving you the silent treatment when something trivial & petty happens...........Depending on how Red51 & modders code them then they'd be helpful in their various ways. Maybe even a bit romantic in that spouse manner by giving you something to relax & work towards.......Who knows where it's going to go.

    Yeah. Buying & selling seems to be a thing with traveling merchants so that shall be fun to see how you can attract them into your settlements. I'm too tired to deal with people's stubborness that I just want to create my NPC chracters of Vara (in my avatar; Arctic fox human girl), Scathach (Fate/Grand Order), a Dark Elf (something for fun), and anything else as both companions & to join me around the world. If they can ride horses & mount your own horse that be awesome. That's if we can have two humanoids on one horse, as well as even the ability for them to follow you on their own horse they've been assigned to. Horse combat, and such.

    Lots to add to them. I agree with you & such that I keep dragging it out into long posts in excitement, and now sleep deprivation. I just want to play Rising World in a proper manner without the BS, and with NPCs on my side & to interact with to immerse myself with. Going to be a long wait........

    [Edit: I hope my posting is eligable. 5 hours of sleep just ruins the flow that I tried to go back and edit.]

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