You go to Hell!

  • I just love to watch people go to Hell in Rising World! I consider it a honor to be told that and to accept the challenge of going there! Radioman03 is close at around -600. I cant wait to watch the next episode
    I am also suprised that I havent tried this yet but it looks like the flares are only so effective on finding the bottom of those massive open caverns which are that deep down. Maybe it doesn't show well on youtube but I could barely see the bottom even with the flares. I suppose when rope is finally added that this wont be a problem too much as we can just dangle in the darkness until we hit bottom.

    I also want to say that I get a bit spooked now when traveling deep, lighting flares, and hearing the new music and sounds. Gotta love when a game immerses you and Rising World is beginning to do just that. :)

    Anyways, the "journey in the dark" begins about 10 minutes till the end. Enjoy!

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