[Probably Modding] - Book/scroll/tome/grimoire Entity Summoning

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  • I guess this shall be a modding things seeing as how there are people unwilling to see confined zombies in an area, fantansy, magic, & etc. No hostile entities, among other things, even if there's options for filters. Even so, I feel amused playing around with the idea of having a 'grimoire' type item which summons a rare, yet fun (not powerful) entity which would do as it wills quarter of the time. Or maybe modded entities (NPCs) of your design & such using default animations, and etc. Maybe even help you, or whichever.

    I'm basically thinking of a fun anime named 'Trinity Seven' (mature themed) where there was a necklace type grimoire you could hang from your arm (yet still a book) which would allow the ability to summon a random (or specific) entity from said little grimoire to spawn said entity into the world. It's just one of those side amusement things where the NPC within said 'book' could assist with chopping trees, combat, exploration, finding stuff, or hold randomized witty lines to be amused by. That, or have them play out some piano inspired (yet more flute or something) type music.


    - Basic Thoughts:

    Me simply being curious if it is, at all, possible to have a book/scroll/tome/grimoire type object being able to summon NPC type entities (preferably anime/fatansy type NPCs), have them able to roam about, and then returnable (transportable) via said book. That's as basic as I can make it sound.

    Context: https://myanimelist.net/character/114059/Sora (Magical spirit summoned from a magical grimoire being the aid to a magic user.)


    - Expanded Thoughts:

    Being able to make use of said NPC by having them assist you via combat, chopping trees, help you find items in an area (exploration), craft various things, among other things. Half a slave NPC, yet being able to have a will of its own in an artificial manner. Maybe jump out of the 'grimoire' to do things on its own to then jump back in, or bother you with its sass & witty comments. To be able to tend to your wounds when injured (when no hostiles are in the area) by applying splints, among other things.....Maybe if it feels like fishing it would pop out to go fishing before rushing back to you, or vanish into the book item again.

    Another thing being able to have the item displayed proudly on a table, bookshelf, or similar as to not devalue the worth & value of said feature/idea.

    It would also tie in with me being able to summon my arctic fox original character with ease (named Vara) that I could just fiddle with a few lines, customisation options and such. Make it pull from a customized character then I could have my special NPC follow me.


    - Rising World Vanilla Location & Loot:

    If one would have to try & tie this "silly", and maybe "alien" idea (not alien to me), then I guess one could find it in a dungeon with a mini-boss being able to be 'tamed' after defeat. If picky about rarity then maybe find it roughly 5,000 km away to then discover a specific dungeon to then, at a chance, being able to have them being able to be summon able. Whatever their humanoid, monster, or alien form they may be, they could be 'recruitable'. The cost to having this could then be having to keep them fed, well hydrated, next to a certain tree, and etc.

    I had a side thought this could also allow one to find 'empty' types which could tie into summoning modded NPCs (or NPC presets choosable) to be summoned via a scroll, tome, grimoire type object.....If festive, tie it to Halloween type festivities. Summon some Halloween themed festive ghouls, or something.


    I guess this is asking way too much, and a silly "non realistic" one at that, thus modding. I wouldn't be bothered if this wasn't in, yet if it adds to the whole fun of Rising World then I'd happily go for it. Higher priority if it's anime/fantasy related while having a companion next to me. Seeing as how people don't want magic & fantasy I guess this isn't an option to pursue. I would love to see this idea realised, yet I currently don't have the knowledge/talent to see it through. May have to see the player model & Customization update, as with NPCs added...........

  • Adding a book item via a plug-in is definitely possible; it is not structurally more complex than the existing sample Guest book plug-in. It would not be very difficult to have it expandable to add more recipes (or pets, or monsters, or tunes, or whatever) over time.

    Implementing anything even remooooooootely resembling an NPC is waaaaaay beyond the current plug-in API possibilities though and I do not expect this to change any soon...

  • Wasn't expecting it anytime soon either. Was expecting it 'maybe' lightly during or after the player models & animations update, or maybe even further when the idea would fade out in nothingness. More so in fear that nobody really is in tune with feeling/vibe of the idea that it's twice as ignorable, and etc. I see this as a later thing, yet still an idea to play around with and make note of.

    Yeah, I guess the book part would be simple, yet spawning entities would be highly limited right now, indeed. I guess you could spawn little piggies, or whichever. Having them stored back in the book for transport is what I'm curious about that it's keeping this (probably silly) idea going. Even thinking it may make room for a Pokemon mod if one makes Pokeballs & such.

    And I guess I should have made note that this isn't an anime idea only, but also Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and etc. It's just easier to make note of Anime because that's where I"m seeing it expanded properly the most. Most familiar with.


    Something I forgot to mention that this idea/function needs to feel highly personal that the entity you end up having (maybe my fox character, or someone else's NPC preset or modded NPC) should feel highly personal to the character. It could be random, yet has to feel like your traveling companion for life, Skyrim style, or something. The VERY imporatn part is that it should be limited to 1 entity per 1 character (maybe even 3, if picky about preferences). Shouldn't be able to gain more than one or else it'll lose its worth & value as a thought when it should be more personal. One entity to make it more personal and deeper valued. A 'special' thing to have. That's how I feel it should be. :huh:

    - Back to Rising World Vanilla:
    My secondary curiousity is if there's a way Red51 could play with this in any way by simply giving us a vanilla type item to allow for spawning, storing, and transporting entities in a 'magical' manner. Not expecting it, yet it would be highly welcomed. I'd be surprised if he did play with the idea to attach pre-set NPCs for NPC Traders to be spawned via items in vanilla form via griomoire, jewlry, books, scrools, or something. Doesn't have to attach entities/NPCs because that would be our thing. If he indeed does want to play around with the idea of also attaching entities to said item (Grimoire, scroll, or whichever) then I guess he can attach it to mini-bosses to be capturable, or whichever, yet we would be stuck with one (per limit) for the rest of the game world to have a more 'personal' vibe to it. Maybe 2 or 3 on a timer, or rarity.

    But yeah, I guess the Plugin API is the way to go with this.......

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