I've learned to survive and build—what now?

  • I've learned to survive and build—what now?

    I have logged 128 hours on my favorite game—Rising World. First off thank-you to Red51 and his team for making a game I can play, and for developing it for both PC and Mac. (There are so few games I like and can play effectively that are made for Mac.) It's fairly stable for me—and more-so lately than early on—it does tend to crash/quit once or twice per session—but I can live with that.

    I feel like I now have good handle on building, and basic survival. I find that food gathering/production is probably too easy, and if you leave bears plenty of space they'll leave you alone. Mining kinda bores me. Though I do like chopping down trees. I've broken my leg and healed it. I've built several houses, captured and housed animals, and started on a zoo (in creative). But now what? I love this game, but I'm starting to get bored.

    Maybe a community is what I need? How does one go about joining others on a server? (I've never played a multiplayer game or minecraft. I have no idea what the etiquette is.) Do I need an invite?

    Someone mentioned, adding quests to the game—that would be something to do! Is anyone writing these?

    I know that launching the "API" was a big deal. (I had to look up what the heck is an API.) But for us who are not programmers, is it anything we could use? Is there documentation? If not for mere mortals, are people programming add-ons for the game? if so what and how do we non-programmers use them?

    In multiplayer games is it possible to cooperate in building projects—both build on the same project?

    Is it possible to play in 3rd person mode? I'd like to occasionally see my character do something. Though until we get a better model, or customizable ones, I don't want to see that bald dude so much.
  • I totally agree that single player gets boring after a while. Multiplayer is what renewed my interest in the game lately.

    Most servers are visible to the the public and are listed under the multiplayer section when you launch the game. All are privately owned and have varying different rules and etiquette. Usually you can just log in and start playing and modifying. many others are locked down more and you have to be granted permissions after you join but you should atleast be able to look around on most of them. Others do not use the permission system and just require a password to get in. Feel free to look around and see what you like. :)

    Building cooperation is possible for sure. Depending on what server mods are installed. For example, the Area Protection script lets one or more players share ownership of an area and build together while protecting it from modifications from other players.

    The API is just a replacement for the old scripting system. It allows us to write mods and intall them. many of the more popular servers are running mods to help manage users and make the game fun for everyone.

    Quests and 3rd person are planned but not supported yet.