Custom Mining Trains

    • Custom Mining Trains

      So I heard a few hints that minecarts and probably trains in general are going to be released after the new clothing system. I looked at a few videos of mining-trains and ore carts and this gave an awesome idea. We should be able to customize our locomotives and or minecarts.Watch these videos :

      Now what do all those minecarts and locomotives have in common ? They are more or less made from similar modules. The locomotives are all based on a flat 2-axle wheelbase with an engine and a seat on top. The carts are also mostly the same wheelbase with either a hopper or a flat surface for cargo on top.

      So I imagine a system where we can craft maybe a few different wheelbases and then place different engine, fuel tank, seat, light, ... -modules on top to create a locomotive. Also it should be possible to make custom carts with chests, tanks for water, ... so you can bring all the equipment needed to mine for a while.
    • From what was mentioned openly on steam we'll see all sorts of trains. From diesel, electric, to even steam. Anything that Red51 could manage, and similar. And yes, even after the 'player models & animation' update. Not sure when, yet should be after. It's a highly requested feature that we even 'may' (don't quote) see it after the player models.

      What you're showing is actually quite handy, and I've been itching brutally hard for some form of transportation. At least what you're sharing, or even horses & camels. Just something, or even auto-running. What you're suggesting would help with mining, and I'd be all for it. Nice modular designing, something Red51 could fiddle with also in the style he desired.

      If Red51 wanted to do something a bit longer range for hauling then I'd suggest 'sugar cane trains' for being small, yet handy.

      Should be handy for the little we do carry currently in the game. If Red51 wants to add a liquid storage cart for water & fruit/vegi juices then that be neat also.



      Yeah, you're seeking modular that it's something Red51 was indeed looking for us to do. Maybe Astroneer style, maybe even Subnautica style, yet it's something he wanted us to do to customize our vehicles. Who knows if we'll get what you desire of adding various components to the train (astroneer style), or colour changes. I'm hoping it would be a mix of both, even allowing you to build the train out in the open as to give them actual worth & value (Wurm vibes here).
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    • The most awesome thing would be if we were able to use the scaleable wood pieces on top of the wheelbases. And double wheelbases. Because then we could essentially do all things from hauling ore to moving passengers with one gauge and we would get better quality content because its less to code.

      Also different types of rail with higher and lower top speeds would be awesome.

      Low cost but very bad mining rails (maybe we can pick them back up ?) and higher cost but very smooth and rigid high speed rails.

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    • Looking at Steam has me disappointed with how Dovetail games treats their train sims. All those high priced DLCs is depressing that I can't wait for Rising World to release its train update by December-January timeframe, something Red51 mentioned loosely. Having 2 gauge tracks, minecarts, and a small train.... Even trains of varying fuel types.....

      I'd love Rising World to be my main 'to go' game where I can train happily without worries. Using all sorts of train in both a vanilla & modded manner. Seeing as how costly train sims are, and I have Train Sim World, I'm hoping Rising World shall prove more worthwhile when you couple carts, uncouple them, load them up with cargo, and etc. I do hope there's some light realism there.

      Also, curious how we'll make train tracks. Will we do them the traincraft way from Minecraft by going through pressing & coke oil, and etc? I'm highly curious because Dovetail games failed me.
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