Advice for Mac user please!

  • Hello, I have two issues which may apply to other Mac users:

    1. I cannot create a row of blocks using hold left button then right-click. As soon as I try to right click the row reverts to a single block (tedious when creating a large build). Control-click throws me down through the world.
    2. F6 Placement won't allow me to select building materials. I always get the first (stone?) block, no matter which combination of keys I use. However, the vegetation selector in the Placement option works well, but is a different format from the block selector.

    Initially, the + - (plus/minus) keys wouldn't work, but I resolved that by swapping them for . , (period/comma). I am using Mac Powerbook Pro OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks, with its standard keyboard.

    Any advice would be welcome, I like this 'game' so much! It's great that the developer has recognised a gap in the gaming-world! In 'Rising World' the real challenge relies on the creativity of the user - the creativity of the developer is beyond words ...

  • Hey, Billie --

    I am a Mac user and have had some Mac-specific issues, but in this case it has nothing to do with Macs.

    1. You must right-click while still holding down the left button. True on all platforms.

    2. Once in placement mode, use the inventory key ('i') to open the block selection window. Escape to close it.

    The + - keys only work from the numeric keypad. You can also use the 'page up' and 'page down keys'.
    Note: not all keyboards have these keys, Mac or not. Compact keyboards just don't have them, so your solution of re-programming these functions to keys you do have is a good solution. :thumbup:

  • Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    With regard to 1. I am using the inbuilt trackpad, to left-click I tap or hold with one finger, to right-click I tap with two fingers; this cannot be done simultaneously. Let go the right-click and the block is placed, let go the left & the row reverts to a single block.

    2. I know how to open the menu for the inventory in f6. The problem is the app does not respond to my choice - it keeps the first option on offer, no matter what I do. This is unlike the vegetation menu, in which I can select and keep my choice.

    I have now ordered a mouse, which I hope will resolve the problem!

  • When choosing in the block menu, are you double-clicking the one you want? That works for me. I guess I didn't mention that part.

    Quote from Billie

    I have now ordered a mouse, which I hope will resolve the problem!

    Good idea. I can barely play Minecraft with a trackpad, and it's frustrating.

  • Hello again,

    Thank you!
    Problem 2) solved. Double-click ... who knew? (obviously everyone except me).
    Now I've wasted cash on a mouse ..... hmmm still can't build a row of blocks, so maybe the mouse will be useful after all.

    Regards ..

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