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    So much has been said already that I can hardly add to the discussion.

    After just a few hours of playing the new release(s) I consider it absolutely outstanding. Well worth the wait. What impresses me the most is that besides the major additions, like boats and fishing, the amount of attention that was given to bug fixes and "minor" improvements are seriously making this a very high quality game. That strategy is clearly going to increase its popularity and attract crowds of serious and casual gamers world-wide.

    I totally appreciate the amount of work that goes into every aspect of the code, and the fact that you (Red51) are responding so well to your player base while getting this all done is nothing short of overwhelming.


    I just confirmed what you said, Red. Works fine at 1920 x 1280. I betcha there's some pixels getting drawn offscreen somewhere. :D

    Guessing this will be a relatively easy fix, and it doesn't keep me from doing it all now.

    Off to work. I'll be checking back as soon as I can.

    I've restarted both Steam and the the game. Still no friend list. Didn't know I could join folks through Steam's friend list. I'll give that a try later today.

    Impressive release, Red. :thumbup:

    No. Not the operating system. I’m talking about Rising World windows.

    I should probably tack this onto my Rising World Amazing Build System thread, but to me this is just a plea to make building structures a little less tedious. Building has never been my strong suit, but as amazing as the build system is, I still struggle with certain aspects.

    I still like building with planks and beams, but I get bogged down incorporating windows. Getting them placed, sized and aligned is fine, but surrounding them with siding or wall panels (stretched planks) becomes tedious to the point where I’m using fewer and fewer windows in order to avoid the whole issue.

    If wishes were fishes:

    Wish 1: Placing a window frame on a plank would “punch” a hole through the plank the right size and shape.

    Wish 2: A new breed of planks with built-in window frames. Sizing becomes a challenge, I know, I know…

    Okay, neither dream is ideal, especially from a development point of view, but maybe this will start the suggestions ball rolling. ^^

    Oh, this is a game-changer. For one thing we'll be able to tell the girls from the boys (if they're being honest about it). This will SO improve the feel of the game. Looks like we'll be making ourselves nice wardrobe, too.

    Wonder how I'll make a red polo shirt... :/

    Question -- will the models we make for ourselves be permanent, or will they be modifiable afterwards, too?

    Hmm... so much to take in. It just registered on me that one those models is using a bow and arrow. Good things are coming, fer sure.

    This sounds like it will be a truly pivotal release (or series of releases) for the game. It feels like up to this point it's all been about laying the foundational groundwork for what we're about to see.

    From the servers I've been playing on, and the community in general, I gather that I have not been the only one holding my breath in anticipation of the "real" game. And the fact that so many of us have been enjoying it as it is, with the existing features, is a testament to the future success of the project.

    Having said all that, I think that we have learned that there will probably be more bumps in the road along the way, but we are happy to be a part of the process. :thumbup:

    Thank you, Red51.

    Quote from MommaT

    The only thing I see wrong is balancing your 10 x10 post on top of a 4x4, and a door header!!!

    I, too, like to build with at least some attention to real world physics as it pertains to structural integrity.

    As far at that support post is concerned:

    A. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.
    B. The original design for that wall had the support post going all the way to the ground atop a large concrete pier. Unfortunately that would have required the doorway to be off-center, and I really didn’t like how that looked.
    C. What you really can’t tell from the pictures is that the door frame, including the header, is made from carbon fiber composites, with compression properties comparable to steel. The vertical members are, in fact, reinforced internally with steel rebar. What fools the eye is the wood veneer which was chosen to match the rest of the structure. Perhaps overkill for something that may eventually be covered with paneling, but like underwear, sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.
    D. Although the ambient weather conditions bring a fair amount of rain, the climate never produces snow. For that reason the pitch and weight of the roof is already more than necessary, and it's strength is adequate to allow a person to walk safely on it for repairs, if necessary. I know this for a fact because I spent time up there during the construction phase of the project.

    Having said all that, I appreciate your comments, and as Deirdre points out, there are already others out there who may not think as much about structural integrity as we do. :thumbup:

    If you miss the initial message, the stones will just quietly accumulate on the ground indefinitely. Are you sure that's not what was happening, Arctic? It's a relatively new behavior.

    What I like about it is that the drops are not lost. You have plenty of time to get to a storage container, unload, and return to pick up the abandoned drops.

    Not just the children. :D

    We've learned that patience pays off with Red51. Although major releases are seldom bug-free in any software, he does a remarkable follow-through and knocks off the inevitable rough edges within the first few days.

    The anticipation makes it all the more exciting. ^^

    Two eras? I guess I'm even more ignorant than I thought I was. Where is that mentioned?

    Kinda gets me concerned. Red51 is doing an amazing job developing what I guess is just one era right now. How can he possibly do more unless we clone him? ?(

    As per our discussion on Discord, I wouldn't mind having some sort of air cargo capability in the game, but I lean toward the primitive. Something down-to-earth (now there's a contradiction ^^ ).

    In general, I love the game from a survival point of view, as you know, and I'm not opposed to having a bit of technology available. But I'd hate to see the game get too far ahead of itself. Although I use it myself, the ore detector already seems a bit out of place to me. I would have preferred to have something on the order of divining rods, or maybe even a compass-like device, either of which targeted ores depending on what materials were used to craft it.

    Divining rods, for example, are already in the fact-vs-fiction category in real life, but after what I saw with my own eyes, I'm not as much of a doubter as I once was. True story: when my parents retired to a 42-acre piece of raw land in the California foothills, my dad desperately wanted a better year-around water supply than was currently available. After paying thousands of dollars and drilling several extremely deep holes, the well company he hired came up empty. As a last resort he brought in a local legend who used divining rods (2 L-shaped bent welding rods) to see what he could do. The man only charged a couple hundred dollars if and only if he found water. The old guy wandered the property for hours without any luck. Even he ignored the slight indications he got when the rods pointed too far uphill. When he finally gave in and let the rods do the talking, you guessed it, at the top of a hill, almost the highest point on the property, he grabbed his pickaxe and started digging where the rods had led him. Within minutes he had water flowing out of the ground. That well supplied generous amounts of water from that day on.

    So my vote for technology in general would be to stay as basic as possible and still provide "advanced" conveniences, such as rail transport and primitive vehicles, and maybe even a rudimentary electrical system. Say, like a water-wheel or wind-powered powered generator to drive simple motor machines, like grinders, water pumps, refrigerators, and so on. If we start allowing too much technology, the possibilities would become endless, and even Red51 would have trouble keeping up.

    My 2 cents. ;)

    So whattya think, Fox? Bug or feature?

    @littlecats I agree about the AM/PM indicator, or maybe a 24-hour clock. When I really need to know, I use the debug screen (F3). It shows the time-of-day (TOD) near the lower right, and it's a 24-hour decimal clock. 8)

    I think we're all familiar with "sleeping the night away". That is, if you (or all of you in multiplayer) hop into a bed or tent when the sun goes down, you fall asleep and then wake up a few seconds later and it's morning. But I noticed something today that I wasn't aware of --

    If you take a quick nap in the bed/tent anytime during the day and wake yourself up (escape key) about 5 or so seconds later, the time hasn't changed, but you have now "pre-slept" the coming night away. Now when nighttime comes, morning happens immediately, whether you're anywhere near your bed or not. In fact, you can jump back into bed immediately after the sun pops up, and the same thing will happen that night.

    I've tried it on 3 servers and in single player. Happens every time.

    Maybe I'm slow and this "feature" is known to everyone else but me. I'm always the last one to find out. :/

    To add my recent findings on the gold issue, I just found gold at level -150 on the ArcticuValley server. I used that gold to make an ore detector, re-traced my steps and found more at level -130.

    Just empirical data. Add it to your trivial notes library. ;)