Purchased game on Steam, standalone says I do not own game :(

  • Purchased game on Steam, standalone says I do not own game :(


    I've purchased the game on Steam but today Steam servers are having issues and game keeps failing to hear back from Steam SO I want to play the standalone version but the site doesn't recognize that I've purchased the game.

    How do I get standalone to recognize my username and password as an owner of the game?
  • Unfortunately both versions are separated, this means when purchasing the standalone you can't play the game in Steam, and when purchasing the Steam version, you can't play the standalone... it's a real pity that the Steam servers are having these massive problems today/yesterday. I hope that Valve fixes these issues as soon as possible.

    If the issues still persist within the next hours, we will eventually shutdown our servers temporarily (in this case you can at least play the game in offline mode). I'm really sorry for these inconveniences, but unfortunately it's out of our control :(
  • no problem, I totally understand and I appreciate the prompt reply.

    I've a small favor to ask though. When purchasing the standalone game I didn't think to log in as my Steam username so that account would have both versions... I now have an account with the standalone (StealthMonkey) and my steam account (LethalBunny). Could you please combine StealthMonkey onto my LethalBunny account so that LethalBunny has both standalone and steam?