Update Preview 2014-07-16: More objects, more blocks, more possibilities

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • The next update will bring a lot of new stuff: First of all, we made the objects look more detailed, i.e. the textures are much more sharper than before.

    At the same time, the update will bring new objects, especially some light-spending objects, among other new torches, lamps etc. Most objects will be available in different materials.

    Apart from that, we're going to polish the current GUI, since especially the crafting menu currently needs to be reworked. The new crafting menu will be much more user-friendly: All recipes are sorted by category, and you will also be able to mark a recipe as a "favorite" for quicker access (this is useful for blocks, since there are nearly 200 different materials).

    Speaking about blocks, the next update gives you new blockforms: Ramps and a special shape for roofs (like a slanting slab). This will increase your possibilities when building a house.

    Expect the next update after the coming weekend :)

    Last but not least, a few screenshots, showing some of the new objects and the new materials.

    Some of the new wood textures

    One of the new objects: A big torch

  • Unforuntately, the update requires a few more days until it can be released. We therefore ask for your patience.

    As a small compensation we're working on a new effect :) Since "real" shadows are complex and limited (they don't work for static lights), we offer you a kind of substitute: Ambient occlusion, which will make the scene look more realistic. Take a look (the same room from the previous screenshots):

    Before (screenspace ambient occlusion disabled):

    After (screenspace ambient occlusion enabled):

    Apart from that, the important features of the next update will be of course - as mentioned before - a fully reworked crafting menu, several new objects (torches, furniture, doors etc.) and two new blocktypes.

  • Thanks :)

    The effect is mainly noticeable on blocks (i.e. buildings) and objects. On the terrain itself it's barely noticeable, unless a block is there or an object (the sharper a corner, the bigger the impact of the effect). We're going to disable the effect for LOD terrain and for grass, since it does not hava any advantage there.

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