A lot of ideas, New things, New processes

  • Here are some ideas for the grinder as well as new items which aren't in game:
    Also this list is intended as a "down the road" list.

    Gravel >> Sand or Dirt
    Sandstone >> Sand

    New Items for Grinder:
    Olives >Grinder> Olive oil (Pick up oil with bucket, and depending on how many olives you put in from the start will determine how full the bucket is)
    Coffea >Harvest> Coffe Beans >Furnace or grill> Roasted Coffee Beans >Grinder> Coffee Grounds

    New Objects:
    Drying Rack (Hanging and laying)
    Food Press (maybe place items by hand or have it be a crafting station?)

    New Items that would be nice to see these once cooking is being worked on:
    Eggs from chickens
    Milk from cows
    Sugar Beets
    Dried Meat aka Jerky
    Apple Sauce
    Apple juice
    Herbs? Spearmint maybe? subtract the spreading like weeds part ;) . Mint would have different growth meshes per stage.
    Pumpkin pie (The sooner the better :D maybe have it craftable for now temporarily)

    Anyways, that's all I can think of for now.

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