Are we allowed to showcase renditions of real buildings?

  • I've read the rules about showcasing our work, Red underlined "your work", not showcasing works of others without permission. Does this include monuments/historical buildings? For instance, if I managed to duplicate Ripley's Aquarium from Myrtle Beach, SC, would I be allowed to submit my blueprint here? The reason why I ask is because I've been working on duplicating Stan Hywet Hall from Akron, Ohio, the coolest historical building I've ever been in. I don't know if I'll ever complete it, Stan Hywet is over 65,000 square feet and there's architecture in there that I don't know how I'd even begin to duplicate. I'm actually kind of getting really frustrated with it and might scrap the idea, but if I complete it, may I submit the blueprint, or even just a snapshot or two? If you're interested, I do have a link to a website. I've been there a dozen times, and every single time, I manage to sound like Bill and Ted; "whooooaaaaa!"


  • This is just MY opinion of course, but I would say that replicating existing, physical buildings does not fall into the "your work only" rule.

    I assume the rule was intended for not posting something someone else did in Rising World representing it as if you did it. But the replica is your work.

    In addition, for a historical building, any image copyright the author of the project may have is likely to have elapsed.

    So, my opinion is that this is allowed; if there are other opinions, please step forward.

  • If it is a historic building then images of that building are in the public domain. Creating a 3D representation of that building in RW (or any other program for that matter) is making an image of that building, so I guess there would be no problem.

  • Maybe i am wrong but wasn't there a political discussion about posting images from real historical buildings on the Internet? They wanted to forbid that. So even selfmade pictures in your holidays. I don't know what came out of that discussion, but i think unless the law is out the only restriction of posting an image is the copyright of the owner of that picture. Most websites are fine If u just add a link to the original image.
    Just read the rules about using images on the site u want to show it from. Nearly all forbid commercial use and that we are not doing here. ^^

  • Our rule only applies - as suspected by @Miwarre - to Rising World creations, i.e. it just means you have to create the building on your own (it doesn't matter if it's based on a real building or not). This rule is only there to prevent people from joining mp servers and submit screenshots of various buildings they found there.
    So of course you're allowed to post screenshots of your building which replicates a real/historical building :) Not sure if there are any laws in any countries which forbid posting images of real historical buildings, but I highly doubt you will ever run into problems by doing so (especially not when just posting RW screenshots)^^

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