Faster world generation

  • Hello people, I'm wondering, is there something i can do to make the world generate faster?
    I have a i7-6700k CPU ,16 gb ddr4 ram and a gtx 1080.

    The world seem to generate very slowly. Since they have upped the flyspeed to 400% and said something about beast computers could generate things faster.
    but I can fly at slower speeds and still get out of bounds before it generates.

    I looked at the ram usage and it only uses between 4-800 mb out of the 4gb allocated to the game.
    Is there anything I as a player can do to speed it up?

    Kind regards

  • Generating undiscovered areas takes time. You have very good hardware, so I don't think that you could something there.
    You can increase startparameters.
    Steam Library - Rising World - properties - startoptions -
    I would suggest +memory 6000 6000
    or up to 8 gb.
    This is just a tip from a player, but I don't think that will help much.

  • Are you playing in singleplayer or multiplayer? Especially on multiplayer servers the world generation may be slower, especially when there are many detailed buildings. It also depends on your internet connection and the load of the server.

    If it's also slow in singleplayer, this may have different reasons. It depends on how slow it is actually. Generating unexplored areas take a little bit longer for the first time (as mentioned by @Deirdre ), but the next time you visit these areas the world generation should be much faster. Sometimes it can also be helpful to slightly reduce the detail view distance in the settings.
    Your hardware should be definitely able to handle the game pretty well, but the game also heavily relies on your harddrive. There had been some situations in the past were people had to deal with a very slow world generation (even though the CPU was powerful), in these cases it was caused by old (slow) or broken harddrives (bad sectors etc).
    So if your world generation is extremely slow, and unless you have an SSD drive, it's definitely recommendable to check the harddrive (for example with Windows CHKDSK).
    In some cases these issues can also be caused by antivirus software which slows down the world generation.

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