REAL cycle of 24 hours, synchronized with the local time?

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  • you don't need a plugin to do that really you can go to the config file in your RW directory and set the game time speed to a value that would resemble real time (haven't calculated that value but it should be relatively straightforward to calculate it yourself) then the only thing you have to do is in your game open the console and type "tod XX" where XX the current time in 24 hour format, also note that in SP time only goes by when you are playing so it really doesn't make sense to set that in my opinion since you would have to deal with 12 hours of playtime at night. If you want to avoid night it is much easier to open your console every time and type for instance "tod 8"

  • @Minotorious is right; a few details, for the sake of completeness.

    The configuration item is XXX_time_speed and its value is how many real-time seconds an in-game minute lasts. The default is 1.75 (1 in-game minute lasts 1.75 real-time seconds); if you change it to 60, 1 in-game minute will last 60 real-time seconds = 1 real-time minute, and the game will run in real time.

    Note this would not affect timed events; for instance trees will always take the same amount of (real time) time to grow or to bear fruits, regardless of this setting. In more detail:

    A) Single player:

    1) open with a text editor the file in your Rising World main folder
    2) change the line saying game_time_speed=<whatever> into game_time_speed=60

    B) Multi player:

    1) open with a text editor the file in the Rising World Dedicated Server main folder
    2) change the line saying settings_time_speed=<whatever> into settings_time_speed=60

    Hoping this help...

  • Hello all ;D

    For very long time I asked red51 after a option for a real time on a server. He say that is not good for the players, because the server becomes higher laag, is that not more so ?

    As far as I know, this option is there since quite a long time, at least since I use RW (more or less one year).

    Of course, I do not know RW as @red51 does, but I cannot understand how the simulation time / real time ratio can affect the server lag. Are you sure you mean the same thing as the OP?

  • @Miwarre I mean that RW run in real time, so that one day in RW World 24h. I hope you understand me ;D

    Yes, I think I do. And this possibility has been there since a long time, via the setting I describe above.

    But I have here found a plugin, that to do, what I mean ;D
    RealTime (Plugin)

    I saw the plug-in; I didn't try it, but I assume it does (possibly more easily) via code exactly the same thing done via the configuration setting.

  • I believe the RealTime plugin just displays real time for you on the screen but does not do anything to change Rising World Game Time (GT) versus Real Time (RT).

    But as Miwarre pointed out, this is configurable via the configuration settings.

    When I asked if the passage of ingame time was synchronized with the real world, he said no, but on the same day he was kind enough to make what I had requested. Speed and kindness above normal.

    So, in fact, Kekspruefer made a plugin that synchronizes time "ingame" with time "in the real world".
    I tested it and it works!
    When it is 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the same will happen in the game, and when it is midnight in the real world, the same happens "in game".
    Kekspruefer, once again thank you !! kB, downloaded 3 times, last: Saturday, 12:31am)

    Perfect for anyone who plays during the day and wanted something different and real compared to all other games, but maybe bother players who play only during the night. ;)

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