Freezing, Crashing, Disappearing World (iMac)

  • Hello,

    I have Rising World for MacOS, and am experiencing some issues while playing the game. While playing for a bit, my game will often Freeze or Lock up, resulting in me having to 'Force Quit' the game. Also, sometimes the world will disappear, along with the menu backgrounds. All that remains are some tools, underground assets, and the menu's text. In this instance the game doesn't freeze right away, and I can pause the game, that's where I can see Menu backgrounds are gone... Exiting the game to the main menu shows the same problem, no text background, just the main menu image, and white text, allowing me to quit the game.

    Sometimes after this happens, it will freeze up, and I can't do anything, other times it allows me to quit.

    Can someone help me with this? At this time I cannot find an error log generated in the Local Files on my System.

    iMac Late 2012
    2.7ghz Core i5
    8Gb Ram
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640m 512mb

    Thank you.


  • Check for error logs in:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld

    Several of us here have very similar Macs and are running jes' fine. Just gotta figure out what's going on.

    Make sure everything is up to date (java, steam, etc). That's always a good start. ;)

  • Thank you for your relpy Harv,

    I've checked that location for an error log, but no log is there. Am I required to turn logging on somewhere in the game properties files? I read elsewhere on Linux troubleshooting that another player was advised to do so.

    Steam is up to date, MacOS is up to date, Java is up to date, and Rising World is too.

    It may be because I have to 'Force Quit' sometimes that there is no log being generated. Other times though, it crashes back to the desktop.

    I know my graphics card only having 512mb may be an issue, I can run other games just fine though.

    Thanks for your help.

  • If there is neither a file called "errorlog" nor a file called "hs_err_pid" in your game directory, a regular log would be helpful (as described by @Minotorious) ;) What OSX version do you use exactly?
    512 MB VRAM may be the reason for these issues, the minimum requirement of the game is 1024 MB VRAM. Make sure you reduce the "view distance" and especially the "detail distance" in the graphics settings. You can also reduce the texture quality, to do that, go to your game directory, open the "" file with a texteditor and set "graphic_texture_quality" to 0, then save the file, and start the game again.

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