[plugin]Chat Time Stamp

  • Hello everybody,

    I present a plugin that adds time stamp to player chat.

    .jar plugin file


    Source code:

    Edit by yahgiggle, because some users could not see the screenshot

  • nice, hope you get used to java and create more complex plugins in the future :)

    one small point about using the chat and intercepting player messages, in MP server owners usually use different chat colours for different player ranks (using permission files), thus a plugin that intercepts all messages and resends them altered causes those colours not to appear.

  • chattimestamp interfiers with the chat coms from the game to the rcon monitoring tool. you can see the chat being sent from the tool but the chat messages in game are not being received by the rcon tool when running chattimestamp. rcon is more important to my server then the timestamp so this has been removed from my server.

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