Game crashloop

  • Hello, today my game decided to stop working for me and makes me sad :(

    I dont know if i caused the loop or not.

    Here is what i did before the first crash.
    Just about half a second before the game started trough steam i logged in on friends. it went haywire. It logged me in and out about 10 times really fast (during the blackscreen load before the loading screen to menu)
    and then when i saw the logo i went into steam overlay and i heard a windows sound and the game had crashed on me. I could not even scroll down on the error java gave me.

    Ever since that first crash i tried the hotfix (old exe) on beta. still crashing.
    Uninstall and reinstall the game with same results.

    Screenshot of Error message: IMGUR
    Is there an error log somewhere so i can see/post the whole thing?

    Thanks in advance

  • yes you an find the log in the game directory (since you have it through steam that would be something like: C:/ProgramFiles/steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld) the file should be called something like errorlog_1483206810179.log

    my advice would be to try and verify the game data through steam in case something got stuck out of place, you can do that by right clicking the game on steam and clicking properties, then on the local Files tab press Verify Integrity of Game Files...

  • ok I assume you didn't find the log either?

    To force the game to create a log you need to go to the file open it with a text editor and change game_debug_console=false to true then save the file and start your game. The log will appear after you exit the game in the Logs folder in the RW directory. So just replicate the problem, exit the game and post the log here ;)

  • Please have a look for the "errorlog" file in your game directory (to get there, rightclick on rw in steam -> properties -> local files -> browse local files), as mentioned by @Minotorious in his first post :)

    Basically this error indicates that instancing isn't supported by the video hardware. Since instancing is a core feature in OpenGL since 2009 (and since a Geforce GTX 1080 definitely supports this feature), there are only possible reasons why this error occurred:

    • Eventually the current driver is buggy. Nvidia usually provides an outstanding driver quality, however, there is always a chance that a certain driver suffers from bugs, especially when it comes to OpenGL. I'd recommend to go to the Nvidia homepage and download and install the latest driver:…Results.aspx/118514/en-us
    • The game does not use the GTX 1080, instead it uses an integrated graphics adapter which has a very old driver. According to the error message there is no integrated graphics adapter available, but according to the Intel specifications, the i7 6700K has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 adapter. The old Intel drivers are known to have broken OpenGL support, but it's strange that even Windows isn't aware of this graphics adapter. The errorlog would provide further details about this issue.

    So I'd recommend to update the Nvidia driver first (see 1). If the game still crashes, please have a look for the "errorlog" file in your game directory (either upload it here, or send it via email to, or alternatively open it with a texteditor, copy the content and paste it here) ;)

  • Here is the log.

    Edit: I updated my graphics card drivers and it ddnt work first. but after restarting computer it worked. thank god :D

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