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    • blueprint image data question

      hey @red51 I was trying to add the option for my Blueprint editor to save the image as a png file but then I noticed that before the RGBA values start there are a few (19 to be exact) extra bytes. What are these used for? To be more specific these bytes are after the 4 bytes that signify the imagedata length and before the actual RGBA values start. For instance in a random blueprint I just opened:

      00100013 000002000000020005414247523800100000FF 596264FF686F71FF747B7CFF697273FF6F7374FF

      first segment imagedata length
      second segment the unknown bytes
      third segment the start of the actual RGBA imagedata

      Edit: to add another question since I did some experimenting, are the bytes in the order RGB or some other order (GRB, BGR, etc.) because I am getting correct but very weirdly coloured images :/ ?
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    • These bytes contain information about the image width + height, the image format, the image data itself and optionally the mipmap data (in this case it's unused):
      descimg width
      img height
      format length
      format (String)
      imagedata length
      imagedatamipmapdata lengthmipmap data

      Since the blueprint preview image is created from a BufferedImage, the texture uses a ABGR8 format (i.e. 1 byte per color value [alpha, blue, green, red]) ;)
      The mipmap data isn't used for the blueprint textures, so you can expect a single byte (-1) at the end