Backpacks, Horses, Randomized colors on animals, More trees/shrubs, custom textures...

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    • Backpacks, Horses, Randomized colors on animals, More trees/shrubs, custom textures...

      I have a few suggestions for this (already amazing) game. While the game is fantastic as-is, I love that it's still available in Alpha, which means that we can still try to implement things that we want to see into the game!

      Some things that I would really love to see in this game are:

      The inventory is just so small, and gets eaten up quickly by stacks of items that max out at 16 or 8 per stack.

      I would love if eventually you add in the ability to craft a backpack (various sizes would be awesome, too!) which operates the same as the chests of course. But instead of having to stand in front of it, some sort of keyboard (Mac and PC friendly...) would be great.

      I'm a crazy equestrian, so of course I want horses in the game lol.
      But I think that adding horses into the game would be a fantastic way to introduce transportation, and still have to work for it!
      Even if they aren't able to be domesticated or trained at first, just having random herds of horses in the game would be really cool. I understand that it's a lot of work to add in all of those interactions to tame and ride horses, but please do it <3
      In the beginning they can all just be one color variation, like the other animals, but eventually...

      Multiple Color Patterns for Animals
      Sorry, but I'm tired of staring at brown goats!
      Randomized colors and patterns for animals when spawned would be awesome. You wouldn't need to give each color a separate spawn ID, it could be totally random, like in Minecraft, where you have to spawn 800 sheep to get one black one. :P

      Feed Animals
      It would be lovely to have a more realistic way of animal keeping. The animal breeding plugin is AMAZING and I love it, so to have something like that permanently added to the core game would be super cool, but so would having to feed them to keep them alive.
      Perhaps you could disable it

      More Trees and Shrubs
      I love, love, love terraforming and creating a believable and immersive world. Part of that is using lots and lots of trees and foliage!
      I would love to see some more options for shrubs and leafy plants.
      • Holly
      • Hydrangea
      • Boxwood
      • etc. Just general leafy, fluffy green shrubs, that aren't tall like the rowan.
      Right now, the only way to landscape with bushes is to lower the terrain (if you're in creative), place a rowan, then fill in the land, so that ony half of the shrub is showing.

      So even a smaller rowan plant would be nice :]

      I think this is already in the works, but dyes to dye clothing, curtains, etc.

      Custom Textures
      Custom textures would be cool to import onto planks, beams, and logs. That would be amazing! As of now, I'm just using posters to make paneling on walls, etc.

      Decorative Clutter
      Glassware, dishes, empty vases, etc.
      I think having some little clutter items would be nice. So you can place multiple glass mugs, glasses, plates, and bowls.

    • joni909 wrote:

      most if not all of what you suggested is on the way already....... backpacks though that's a nice idea
      That's awesome to hear!! What great news :]
      But yeah, I think backpacks would be a lovely addition for those who like to play mostly survival, and lead a more nomadic lifestyle. Especially if you're like me, and when playing survival need to explore most of the world in search for that perfect spot. Which means accumulating a bunch of junk in your inventory, and then having to get rid of a lot :/
    • - Backpacks:
      Red51 frowns upon the idea of backpacks & such because the stacks we're given for items is intentional for realism. You shouldn't be going around carrying a stack of 64 watermelons, and etc. They're split off into 16s, 32's, and such so they hog your inventory. I however do agree with the idea, but only if it's a 'themed' thing for medical gear, food bag, and such that you can't put just anything in it.

      - Horses:
      Horses & camels are coming after the next update once the main foundation is added. They'll be inserted, maybe even with boats. Who knows how they'll handle, yet hoping for 'Mount & Blade: Warband' controls (auto-throttling of a horse) where you can control the speed. Who knows if we'll gain different breeds, if they'll have horse shoes, and such. We're supposed to be able to add armour for them.

      - Colour Patterns:
      I agree with this, even on a horse front. They need variety, and I want my arctic fox as a pet via the 'Animal Breed Master' plugin. Would love to tame it legit in vanilla later down the line also.

      - Feeding Animals:
      Something for later once we gain farm animals, yet you can do this right now via 'Animal Breed Master' plugin found on this forum's plugin sub-forum. You can breed them, and etc in a survival manner.

      - More Trees & Shrubs:
      I agree here. I'd love more colourful types, sakura trees, crab apple trees, and etc. Even banana trees, coconut trees and etc. Would be sweet. I've been craving for a banana tree lately for some reason, and it may be the fault of 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf', even though I don't play that game anymore.

      - Dyes:
      I'm certain that's going to be with some part of the next update. Would make sense to tie it in with the clothing we're going to gain to survive the elements, as well as to customize ourselves with.

      - Custom Textures:
      Go check out 'Planks & Beams' plugin that does this exact thing. I've added it onto my server, along with 'Animal breed master'. Best two plugins around!

      - Decorative Clutter:
      That's something I can strongly agree with. We really need more "useless" things to have to decorate with, as well as turning silver into silverware, and such. Maybe into statues also, among other things.


      In short: Yeah, these are coming. I can't wait for the horses to come, or even the camels, so I can travel to and from places quicker.
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