Rising World: The Hermithood

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hey guys and gals good morning :) Today in Rising World we decide to do something different so we fly across the world exploring new biomes and find a lot of dungeons close to home. The lions, tigers and the bears seem to really love us but the Dungeons Oh My! If you haven't checked out seed -0 now's a good time to kick back, relax and enjoy the show as we embark on yet another great adventure. :thumbsup:

    *Shh there's a secret beneath our base =O

    Been sick this past week and haven't recorded any RW for this upcoming week yet. I've got 37 videos in all awaiting to be edited, uploaded and even some that still need recorded. A busy weekend ahead of me, and already I feel like I been dragged through the great abyss. More RW I'll record tomorrow hopefully as I don't want to let anyone down. The world should be able to smile, even if but for a moment and when it does I know I accomplished something. :saint:

  • Hello and good morning to you all! Today I bring you a brand new episode of Rising World called The Lumberjack :)

    In this video we head down the mountain passage to the plains to create a tree farm for wood and lot's of it. As we get closer to the ridge we need to begin construction on the other gulch soon so we're moving the plants & trees to the plains where hopefully later on we can begin the subscriber specials again.

  • Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the snow is melting and the rain has finally come to put all that misery of bitter cold away! 8o Today I also bring you a conundrum video called "About A Statue." In today's episode of Rising World we want to define the proper way to build a massive statue of the original player model. We need two of these and possibly I may be end up looking for an engineer to invite to my world to build these at the entrance of the Mountain Passage and four more of the knights guarding the passage along the path. For next week we'll be getting down to the nitty gritty with lots of montages to get to the passage and complete it so the statues could be built.

    For now though if anyone can build these statues please I'm practically begging here, can you please, please leave me a message here so I can get in touch with you? I'm running desperate here and could really use these gargantuan statues to make the pass really stick out. All props and shoutouts will go to the engineer that can accomplish this feat for me. Thank you all and have a very great rest of your day :) bye for now <3

  • Hey guys just got back from food shopping, today I got both some good news and some bad news. Well let's start with the bad: Next week there will be no videos for Rising World as I have too many Doctors appointments and I'm feeling a bit drained. So I'll be taking a break this weekend and over the next week I'll be recording videos for the following week or so to get me back on track and ahead again. I was ill and it caused me to fall behind in recording and it shows in my videos this week that I haven't been myself. So today I'll upload my last video for next week and tomorrow do the videos for this weekend so I can take a couple days off to get better.

    The good news? Well I got another episode of Rising World uploaded last night for both today and tomorrow. Todays episode of Rising World we... honestly I can't remember as I'm even too tired to look it up. I hope you enjoy it because even though I've been ill I keep kicking myself around to at least get something done. Please consider leaving a like on the video or commenting if you have the time. Thank you for your time and patience wish the best of luck and good will, health etc.. I need to go lay down. Good day :):|

  • Well I feel a bit more better today and even ran across a young YouTuber that just made my day brighter. Today guys and gals I got a brand new video for you of Rising World: Of Steel, Drills & Smelting! No come on you don't sniff the steel ^^ we craft with it! Oh yeah, all the tools and a room we shall build to smelt it all. (sniff, sniff ) Come on lol. Okay my buddies and pals here's the video I hope you enjoy sniffing the cold hard metals of ore's galore as we make all the tools <3:saint: Without further ado here's the video, hope you enjoy!

    "Chocolate is Steel, the Steel is chocolate; take a bite you might lose a tooth! hehe"

  • Hey guys & gals welcome, welcome.. I realize it's been a few days since I shared one of my videos with you and I'm sorry for that. Here's what's been going on yesterday we built a room for smelting lot's of materials in Rising World. You can find that here:

    Today we built a storage compartment for storing all the ingots, which you can find here:

    I'll try my best to stay on top of sharing this content with you as best I could as I've been very busy as of lately. Behind the scenes I been working myself full tilt to provide excellent quality footage of the world as it progresses and lot's of other content totally unrelated to Rising World. This thread however is where I share my creations, world videos, and even a tutorial or so if need be. I try to keep my content in my own RW thread versus the spam of posting a seperate thread for all the content. Again this just makes me feel a bit organized and in touch with you as a person than hunting down this or that. Again I apologize for the delay in sharing these videos with you and I'll try me best this week to stay on top of it. Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful day. @red51 has done amazing job on this game and deserves a lot of love <3:)

  • Hi guys and gals I'm having a lot of internet issues today which is preventing me from uploading anything for tomorrow so hopefully this post makes it through. A technician should be out sometime today so we'll see what happens meanwhile back on Rising World today we head out on an adventure to find a desert or beach we could decimate for sand & sandstone. Maybe find some new plant life along the way?? If only we had a backpack to carry all this stuff.

    Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.-Buddha

  • Hey guys and gals of all ages, how are you doing today? Well I've got a new episode of Rising World for today where we continue our journey east to find new plants, animals but most importantly a sandy biome. We encounter many types of bear, boar and even a chicken or two. but we found ourselves a nice comfy spot to lay down a way station home which we will build next episode, well some of it at least. Hope you enjoy the great voyage with me :)

  • Today guys I feel great! The sun is up, weather is crystal clear and all I want to do is shelve my games for a bit and relax enjoying the new year. No this doesn't mean I'm quitting or plan to though the thought of it does come to mind. So yesterday I recorded some more Rising World for today where we finish up building some walls, corners and move the workbenches inside. Without a desert or ocean in sight we might just head home and spawn a big square of it in. Honestly we need sand in more places than hoofing in a 500 mile radius just to find it. Here's today's video and maybe tomorrow we'll play Rising World which means none for tomorrow. Perhaps the next day...

  • Hey there guys, gals boys & girls of all ages in our last post we stated there would be no episode of Rising world for today but I decided to change my mind later that evening. So today I bring you a fresh risp episode of a little ranting about world generation as we complete the roof on the house. Tomorrow's episode should be more interesting, hope you all enjoy and just ignore my rant it's about how rare sand is. Here's the video hope you enjoy it:

  • Good morning, afternoon or evening ladies and gentlemen! In today's episode of Rising World we go adventuring through the Safari wondering curiously should we build a zoo? Not sure if animals despawn or their agro distance what it may be but smacking a rhinoceros with a rolling pin doesn't seem like the brightest of idea's. Wow can that giraffe run! Oh wait the episode :)

    For Next Week:
    1) We may or may not record RW it depends on if I've got the time or not. Many of my doctors have been driving me bonkers as of lately saying that I need to schedule appointments and it's kind of hard to juggle both YouTube full time and deal with them.
    2) If we do record we might be taking the long journey back home because the teleport command won't work for me.
    [spolier: we die in friday's video, by falling down a massively deep cave.]

  • Good morning everyone! ^^ Today I bring you the last episode of Rising World for this week. Still not sure about next week yet but today we continue on the great adventure to find the elusive element known as sand. It's used for making sandstone variants and glass but is nowhere to be found. About 3/4's in I accidentally stop recording as I'm running through the dark then leap into a pool of water that apparently has no bottom and lose everything. I'm flying back out there off camera to make a quick recovery, corpse despawn timer I disabled just for this one time.

    Hope you enjoy! I'm going to go record 5 episodes of Half-Life 2 & 5 episodes Torchlight for this upcoming week. I'll try some RW but it may just be another 5 days of adventuring back home.

  • Hey guys and girls I know it's a bit late in the evening but earlier today I had a video of Rising World released on YouTube. Wasn't sure I wanted to share it because it was me just flying down to my deathpoint to find out all my stuff was gone and I quit the game before I would say some things that I would later regret. Anyways here's the video if your interested...

    I got one uploaded for tomorrow as well and it's me quite literally jumping for joy! Just wait till you see what I found by accident ;)

  • Wow would you look at that? I forgot to post episode 42! :whistling: So let's get on with this shall we? In episode 42 the title says it all we find a desert on our way back to our little vacation home well more of an outpost at the moment but still it's a home away from home. It is time to get out of creative mode, quit whining and celebrate as the elusive desert has been found! Here ya go guys :)

    Now in today's episode of Rising World we decided it's time to fix up our vacation home. Well at least get it little bit more organized and make it feel like a home. So we add some decorations, furniture, move some stuff and things around and enjoy the game. Hope you enjoy!

    And if you haven't already, please swig by the channel and leave a like, comment and subscribe if you haven't already. It's a choice that I leave to you. Here's a little something I was a bit surprised to see... A lot of love & support from the RW community and I want to thank each and every one of you.

  • And Hello everybody welcome home! Today I just realized something... I never posted episode 44 (facepalm) well that's okay because I'm going to share it with you now :) In this episode we begin the long journey home and decide to fight an Elk on our way, didn't end well 8| so since today's episode is close to releasing here's episode 44 for now. Really hope you all enjoy this videos because as a video creator I aim to get better as the years pass forward.


  • Good Afternoon! It's time for another episode of Rising World! With a lot new subscribers to my channel I decided once we got home it was time to do a base tour and explain the project that I am working on. It's the idea of removing an entire mountain range and turning it into a massive interconnected city that will stretch high above the landscape. Removing this mountain range means we have to build on top of it first then work on the under belly. So this week we'll be going back into montage mode and laying down the framework as I quarry down to the dungeon beneath Scorpio Gulch. It will become a part of the build itself but also turned into a historical museum later on. Any and all artifacts will be displayed in the Subscriber Villa Museum once I figure out how to get planks and beams of any material and begin the highway construction in the plains.

    Eventually this world will be opened up for anyone that wishes to join but not cause grief or idle destruction to anyone's or person's property that has spent the time to create and feel great about themselves. @red51 My blueprints are missing from the Blueprint forum and it would be very much appreciated if you could please direct me to where they have been archived, please?

    Okay guys here's the video and I hope you enjoy.

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