Rising World: The Hermithood

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  • I'm back... made an introduction video for the new series "The Hermithood" coming this weekend. Videos for this series will be released on Saturday & Sunday 8 AM (GMT-0400, New York) weekly. This introduction video was made possible with the program Action! from Merrilis and the music is "Angel Share" Composed by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ It will be played at the beginning of all the videos for this series, hope you enjoy.

  • If the path to 1000 subscribers has taught me anything it's to share my content in the appropriate forums or where it could gain much love. Here a place created by @red51 is a wonderful place to start with gamers from all over the globe that share a common interest "Rising World." And so today I present to you Episode 1 - The Hermithood Returns. I really enjoy making video game content and sharing it with the world but uploading a lot of HD content and praying for the best means I have to put my best foot forward and try harder.

    Tip: turn on Closed Caption for some funny results!

  • Hey Guys sorry I'm a bit behind today on video sharing. I woke up today felt like crap, shared this video everywhere else but here, well because for some weird reason my head was in a fog. Cleared up now but wow has everyone been amazing on here. Watched some of the videos, left some likes really enjoyed them. Keep up the amazing work everyone! For today's episode we go on a bit of a mining session build a smeltery and make some tools together. Hope you enjoy it :)

  • It's been a while since I could upload as I was sick with acute bronchitis. Today I feel better, bright and very sunny :) Which is why I sat down today and recorded a few videos... Ahh it feels good to breathe again and the open air of gardening never felt better. Let's build a small farm today & go hunting for some hide! I hear there's all kinds of new veggies and fruits added to the game!

  • I'll admit I fell behind on sharing and making videos on my channel but that's all about to change. Just finished up recording an episode for tomorrow and I'll upload it tonight it will be live at 8 AM (GMT-0400, New York) in the morning. This is my kick back and relax series which will be available on Saturdays & Sundays released at the same time each day. On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday I am looking for some help for a new series. I've posted a tweet/poll on Twitter and could really use your vote if you can spare the time. Here's the link to the poll: https://twitter.com/The_Hermithood/status/903627196044075008

    This is my schedule (8 AM, 8:30 AM & 9 AM GMT-0400 New York)

    Sunday: Rising World, Witcher Enhanced Edition
    Monday: Minecraft, Fallout 3, Witcher EE
    Tuesday: Fallout 3, Witcher EE
    Wednesday: Minecraft, Fallout 3, Witcher EE
    Thursday: Fallout 3, Witcher EE
    Friday: Minecraft, Fallout 3, Witcher EE
    Saturday: Rising World, Witcher EE

    I would love to move Rising World to 5 days a week but I am limited on time for editing videos. A lot of you guys have come by and watched a fair amount of them and I am ecstatic with passion to keep creating content, pushing myself forward and learning new things to make the videos better for your enjoyment. :) Thank you all again for your support, and I'll see you tomorrow... after I check out this new upcoming update :thumbsup: . Till next time take care everyone, and thank you all again so much <3

  • Sorry about this guys I forgot to fix the time zone for the release time. As promised here's Episode 4:

    In today's video we start the beginnings of a Mine-shaft and a tree farm so we could build up supply for constructing our home in a later episode. Also @joni909 miss talking with you buddy give me a shout sometime would love to play some Rising World with you. :)

  • You guys have probably been waiting patiently all day for this and it's finally uploaded. Sorry about that, weather decided to make my power flicker over night just enough to freeze the upload. Ahh yeah that was annoying. Anyways it's here now and another LP has been released for weekends as well. Outside of all that in todays video we get to experience the deadliest rain in creation, it slows time down so much youn literally feel the frame drop! In addition to this we do a little tunneling montage for supply & build some garden plots. We need lot's of seeds so let's do this!

    Now that new LP I started for weekends is called Faery: Legends Of Avalon released in 2014 as an amazing RPG game. On sale at Steam http://store.steampowered.com/…Faery__Legends_of_Avalon/ at 70 % Off! I grabbed this up yesterday made an episode and I'm very excited to play this again :)<3 If any of you are interested in this here's the first episode I made that you might like for a glimpse of what we will be doing there:

    Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful day! :saint:

  • It's been awhile since I've done a video but yesterday I took the time to go over the full changelog in this episode. Next year after I complete Fallout 4 I will bring back my RW series on YouTube that and the demonetization flags are driving me insane so to me Rising World is just begging to come back. Here's the video:

    Also I've got some Livestream footage from later that evening uploading to my channel and I will add that here as well once it's done exporting it's way over to YouTube from Twitch. With that said it's a massive and great update and I can't wait to see what's next! :thumbsup: Keep up the great work @red51 and @joni909@zfoxfire @dagoline & everyone else if next year pulls through alright I'll be able to launch my own server! Woohoo! That means unlimited privileges for the bestest of friends and even friends of friends. A friendly server for all those that made me smile deserve a happy place. I'll Dub it "The Hermithood Server" :)

    Here's That Footage as promised hope you enjoy!

  • First off I want to start this off by saying Rising World Season 4 will start on Monday, January 8th of 2018 at 10 AM (GMT-0400, New York) time. Those videos I will share in this feed along with any and all changelog videos I've done. The following video has been demonetized by YouTube for unknown reasons but has been sitting in my library for 2 days now waiting for it to be reviewed. Still hasn't been reviewed yet but sometimes I prefer to just release the video on a set schedule not have it sitting on the shelf like it has been. With that said in this video I go over the full changelog, hop into the game itself and have a bit of fun exploring some of the new additions. I sincerely apologize for the delay in the release of this video, some of the information within it you may have already read and or experienced by this point.

    With hope comes love, with love comes happiness, may we all find it one day or another <3

  • With a stone axe in hand and not a drop of water to be found I present to you Rising World Season 4 - Canyon Survival! The seed is -0 and it spawns you deep in the mountains without another biome for miles around. A pioneer of a new world perhaps a dwarven fortress or even a castle to rise high above the Cascades only time will tell...

    Long Live The King! :thumbsup:

  • A couple days ago I could barely walk so I sat in front of my computer in my comfy chair for the remainder of the day and pre-recorded a lot of videos. One of which was this Rising World an entire weeks worth of footage back-to-back from 8 AM to all the way to 10 PM. Was the most relaxing day I've had in a long time, now all I've got to do is edit all that footage and upload it. So today I bring you episode 2 of this series with 3 more being uploaded as we speak. Without further ado here's to season 4 hope you enjoy!

    *Also to note I've got a question for this series: Should we build a castle in these mountain canyons or a dwarven fortress? We'll need gold and lot's of it perhaps some golden statues? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as plans unfold become a part of it!

  • TGIF! (Thank God Its Friday) Guess what guys I've got 5 more episodes of Rising World uploading for next week as I have a lot of videos to record weekly, so I try to stay on top of the release schedule so you always have something to watch. Today I have something special for you in episode 5 we explore our surroundings and even begin to do some work on our base. :thumbsup: A lot of montages will be a big part of this season as I really do not wish to do anything off camera. For some reason I want to make this season special a season where you get to see all the work bit by bit even if some of it is a bit grindy. So here it is, hope you enjoy! <3

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