Rising World: The Hermithood

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Wow guys I have been in so much pain lately it's like i am in a dizzy. Anyways here's probably the last episode of Rising World for this week, though that might change. This game is awesome, very relaxing and could really make you play for hours. I'll see what I can do anyways here's that video as I finally breached 128 subs today into 129! Thank you everyone for your kind support :)

  • Hey guys I'm feeling a bit better though somehow I managed to rupture a muscle in my right calf this time. Well that's two legs that've been ruptured over time but I'm on some powerful meds to help dull the pain away. So today I made a video on Rising World of us beginning to move our garden from the gulch over to the plains. What I plan on doing next week is a lot of montages as we complete the first gulch and connect it to the second gulch with a wide walkway or possibly a courtyard path that'll reach the towers and on towards the middle section walls. This fortress is going to be massive guys! I plan on deleting an entire mountain range and turning it into a bottomless fortress that's reach hell at some point. With a lot of work ahead of us it's time to clear out and get to work. Anyways here's the video for today and I'll see you on Monday next week :thumbsup:

  • Hey guys and gals how you doing? I'm feeling a bit better and I got a special episode for you today. Since we've made it back home to where the fortress will be built I think it's time we rev up the construction of it so we can start making some progress. We spent almost 2 weeks on the road looking for sand and cactus and we found it. That's Great! Now we need to start doing something.

    Wanted so much to call this the Lip-Tage but decided against it. Today we raise the walls, build the lip and begin some pillars for definition. For tomorrow's episode we drill a mountain and shh.. ;) It's a full week of montage mode to make some significant progress. Surprise coming soon ;)8o

  • Cool looks like there's an update video coming later this week ;) Anyways, Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening wherever you may live! Today we finally begin to connect the two gorges up by wiping out a section of land to do this. I'm a bit stuck though on what type of block we should use for the courtyard. Had this idea to use natural grass blocks and stone blocks but didn't pan out to well. Perhaps you might have a better block in mind? Nothing too fancy or bright because we want to add a fountain of some sort up there.

    Again we are deleting the mountain range bit by bit to turn it into a massive fortress. I need to get a server for this because I want to be able to invite many builders over, even those with anger issues... ( they can dig the stone :rolleyes: with freedom to tear through the mines with great pleasure) Because I create a variety of content I can't leave Rising World running all the time, wish I could but that's where logic servers will come in, or perhaps someone else. Looking for a great deal that doesn't say 1 Gig is enough to run the game as we all know from experience that's a lie. <3

  • Hey guys is it Friday still? If not then I'm turned upside down :rolleyes: and gone 8o ! Anyways welcome home! There's been a new update and as I was recording this yesterday my little brother popped over for the weekend and brought loads of peanut gallery comments with him ;) this is one episode about the updates you might just love so much you'll be rolling in laughter towards the end :thumbsup: . So swing on by smash that like button and comment! I love comments because they encourage me to keep making more content for you to enjoy. Oh and before I forget... @red51 there's a bug with the female NPC, they look how do I put this.. mostly man but the skin textures and clothing meshes are completely messed up. Anyway's here's the video guys & gals hope you enjoy!

  • Hey guys and gals how are you doing today? Well yesterday I decided to hop into Rising World and get some content recorded for you. We build a staircase to the upper tier and have some fun with some advanced NPC edits. Hope you enjoy, sorry for the rush but I got some more content I'm getting ready to record at the moment. Busy weekend coming up and changes are coming to my channel to make it very family friendly.

  • Hey guys and gals! I'm back and feeling better yesterday I sat back scratching my head as to what to record and I came up with an idea of a causeway. At least I think that's what it's called I could be wrong. Anyways I could use your awesome comments and advise on how to make it look better. I've got the image in my head but it's hard to make it real because I forgot what most of the commands were. Perhaps you could help? Here's today's video:

    For tomorrow till I can get some help from you so wonderful people, we'll be doing a montage on the second gulch, can't tell you what it is we will be doing but I think you'll enjoy this one. Take care and have a beautiful day :D

    Whoops let me fix that episode number ;)

  • Hi there Guys and gals I've been busy this week and a whole lot more coming up for next week. Okay so let's start off with the Rising World episodes yesterday we did this:

    Where we built the beginnings of a farmhouse that will be integrated into the fortress and created the base of our first tower. Still have a lot to do and I smell a building montage coming up! :) Today we get into detail about planks, beams and even glass textures using commands. We are able to change the base texture of every object in the game to any texture with a simple command. Today we test those out on some objects fail on some others but in the name of science we will prevail. Perhaps a couch with a wood plank texture ^^ ? it can be done and I will teach you all about these tier II - IV textures through the series.

    Enjoy! :thumbsup:

  • Hi guys and gals how you all doing? You feeling great I sure hope so! Yesterday we kicked off Rising World with 140 Subscribers! Amazing 8o we gained well over 30 subscribers this month and I was so happy I decided to update our subscriber sign, give a little tour & discuss what I'm doing in the world. Oh yeah and to top it off when I woke up this morning we had 2 more subscribers taking us to 142 all because of playing Rising World, Miasmata & a new game called Alchemist's Awakening. So happy guys I'm considering ending Minecraft all together as we don't get many views on it unless it's modded. Here's not only Rising World for today but a couple more you might find interesting..

    Be sure to slap that like button for more Rising World as of today I'm going montage mode for tomorrow's episode see you there ;)

  • Hey Folks how you doing today? I've got another episode of Rising World for you! In this episode we move over to the farmer's gulch well because that's what it was when we first started the LP and we begin the construction of the first ring. In tomorrow's episode we go montage mode completing the walls. So kick back, relax and enjoy the show. Don't forget to slap that like button if you enjoyed it. Till next time here's today's video hope you like it. :)

    *Meanwhile I got to see a dentist my teeth hurt like someone tried to knock them out in my sleep. Ouch :(

  • Good morning ladies & gentlemen :) Today in Rising World we create a family together one we could roleplay with. Meet Isabelle our daughter and our wife Ashley. In IRL I am a hermit with no friends but a father, siblings & mother. Sometimes I wish or even imagine friends and talk to myself in order to feel better. Well life might not be so grey outside these walls :| but in Rising world we could make that imaginary family come to life. Now if only I could set height scale?? ;)

  • Good afternoon everyone :) . Took this morning to tear apart my keyboard and give it a good soak, and to clean all the gunk out of it. Also noticed I forgot to post Episode 56 on here :rolleyes: Well stuff happens so here's that episode:

    What we do in episode 56 is build the walls up to the catwalk we built in episode 55, talk for a bit and enjoy some music together.

    What we do here in Episode 58 is a bit of role-play. Previously we created a family using dummy npc's today we give them some character we could work upon as the game progresses. The wife wants the house redesigned, painted and an upstairs added. She doesn't like the idea of using a toilet and looking at the beds ^^ or brick walls. So we do some work on the house move things around a bit and add some paint. Even our daughter has left us some cute signs <3

  • Couldn't think much as to what to call today's episode as we did a bunch of remodeling on our home and even got distracted by our daughter that seems to enjoy playing hide and seek. Even so it gave me an idea to tie our exterior projects into the house itself. We may need to build a few more houses to accomplish this but now I have to find our daughter who seems to have disappeared but is giggling like crazy in the walls, floors and I don't know what's going on.

    enjoy :)

  • Today in Rising World I got this idea in my head for an interesting layout for the design of this house. I want to make a varied series of these houses from a basement at the bottom of the gulch to the top of the top tier. Problem is I can't quite remember how to set the precision or rotation of the wood logs to set the way I want them to. This is where I'm hoping for some comments & advice so if you've got any please help. For now here's the video for today and I'm going to get tearing that bridge down so it won't be in our way.

  • The Mountains in Rising World is the best place for finding underground dungeons! =O yet? or excited? Well today we take a break from building and go on a quest to find some of these dungeons. I've counted 64 Dungeons in the mountains so far today we begin to explore as many as we can for all the loot we can carry. Rising World dungeons spawn more frequently here than anywhere else or biome for that matter giving you that sense of Moria from Lord of the Rings type vibe. 8o So let's get to exploring some of these and well we're doing this in creative mode to make the exploring a bit faster.

    Hope you enjoy and have fun :thumbsup:

  • Update:

    Some of you may have noticed that there was no Rising World video/media for today that's because I spent a few hours laid out flat flopping around like a fish out of water. (Seizure) Went almost a year without any incidents then out of the blue I'm out cold and the world is bouncing around like a pinball machine. I could see what was happening but couldn't nothing to stop it. Today I'm working on content for the weekend despite my chest feeling super tight, hard to breathe and my head in a constant swimming motion. Got banged up pretty good. Personally I want to thank each and everyone of you for being there in my heart for without you I wouldn't be able to keep pushing forward. Here's some beautiful screenshots I've made in the game thus far.

  • Hello everyone hope your day is going alright. Today we discuss a bug called "Chunk Errors" and how it affects your NPCs. There's a reason they fall through the world, into caves or where ever they seem to disappear to and it's called a chunk error. These occur when you place objects too fast, mine to fast or sometimes when chunks are turned into a ghost. So let's dive into this video and go further into detail, any questions please post them here or in the video and I'll explain things as best as possible.

  • Hey there everyone I want to stop in and say a few things before I introduce today's videos. First off I use creative mode for mining stone & ore don't have a problem with it because when it comes to big projects I prefer to keep up on stock. Now I know some of you see me using flight quite often, that's because I want to get a project going in full swing without having to deal with building and placing hundreds of scaffolding all over the place. Sure it could add to immersion with survival mode but when you need to get something done it's best to move fast than like a turtle. I haven't seen one big build in all of the servers I've visited that hasn't been done with either flight or creative mode. Any one of you could say you did and I wouldn't believe a word of it even if you provided screenshots. Possibly a time frame would make it believable otherwise it's a lie.

    Now for today's video I want to prepare for Castle Castella this is a castle that will be attached to Scorpio Gulch and into the valley/plains where the subscriber specials will take place once again. from this Castle we will work our way across the range and various gulches laying out a framework to cover all of the ranges. What we do today is build the final supporting wall above scorpio gulch and create an entrance of sorts. In a bit I will be doing another montage where we create the actual entrance and mine away for an hour or so.

    Here's the video:

    Now for my source of music is my best buddy Zedion, all of his music is used for montages. You can find him here:

  • Hey guys and gals how is your day today? well I hope it is going about as well as mine if not better :) . Anyways Episodes 64 and 65 I forgot to add these here so let's go ahead and add them in now.

    So what goes on in these two episodes? Well in episode 64 I started off with a montage of a couple staircase designs to reach the upper most level of out build and began to add another one in when we ran out of time. So in episode 65 nicknamed Jabber Jaws we go back in and complete the second set of stairs together and talk about what I want from this build. Then go on into discussing the subscriber specials and what they are all about.

    Now in episode 66 today (here let's paste that)

    we continue on discussing the subscriber specials and thanks to @red51 we now have our blueprints again! <3:saint: Thank you so much for that red. So as you could possibly guess we have begun the process of bringing the houses back along with the highways (which have yet to be built) and mapping the regions. So here are the rules of the Subscriber Specials.

    *The Rules*
    1) You Subscribe & make sure your channel name isn't hidden.
    2) If your channel name is hidden you don't get a home. So make sure you adjust your privacy settings!
    3) Stay subscribed & active in the comments below.

    1) A home built for you.
    2) An NPC named after your channel name.
    3) A Shoutout - featuring the front page of your channel.

    So if you got what it takes hit the subscribe button, don't forget to leave a like and comment below.

    Monday through Friday at 10AM EDT. (New York Time)

    Every few episodes I will look at that sub list here on YT, pick a name and honor the rules by building you a home, adding an NPC with your channel name & a shout out featuring your channel page. I wish to leave time so we could both continue our mountain project & have time away from it to spend by honoring the subscriber specials.

  • Hello everyone it's been a few days since I posted some new and fresh content on here as I've been busy with appointments. So here's episodes 67, 68 & 69. In episode 67 we begin the construction of the highways and create some plots for some subscriber homes. In episode 68 we begin the first construction of a home for Diane Christensen, she asked for a home and I decided why not? So we begin just that. In episode 69 we begin some framework for the interior of the house in the kitchen. As we progress through this build we use every trick in the book to avoid building with blocks and make this house really come to life.

    Happy Summer! <3 Bust out those bathing suits it's going to be the hottest summer in over 50 years! 100+ fahrenheit temps :!::thumbsup:<3

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