Lost all my blueprints

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  • Lost all my blueprints


    All of a sudden today, Steam has me log back in, like it was my first time, and confirm through email. That's okay, easy.

    Then in game, I notice my map is telling me this is my first time here, I know it isn't

    Then BAM!!!! btw all your blueprints are gone, like you never made any.

    I have searched everywhere on my iMac for blueprint files but I can't find any. There is one called maps, though, does that mean I should still have all my map data?

    900 hours of work gone, and it isn't because my computer broke down. Not happy camper
  • Hmm... I'm sorry to hear that :| The blueprints are stored in the "Blueprints" folder in your game directory, does it still exist?
    If your map is also empty, it looks like the game files were deleted for some reason. The game does not delete any files, unless you explicitly delete a blueprint in your journal (but this always only affects a single blueprint, never the whole Blueprints folder). The game is unable to delete map tiles at all, so either Steam or another program removed the game files.

    Even if you uninstall the game through Steam, the Blueprint files will stay in place (since Steam only deletes the core games file when uninstalling) :huh: I'm not sure if this behaviour is different on MacOS, but I don't think so...

    Maybe the library path in Steam changed? To check it out, click on "View" in the top left corner of your Steam client -> Settings -> Downloads -> hit the "Steam Library Folders" button. Are there multiple library paths? If there is only one path, is this your regular library path?

    Another reason why the game does not find any blueprints could be a changed working directory (although this does not delete any blueprint files on your harddrive). But if the working directory changes, the game is also unable to find any of your worlds.
    To make sure you could check out your working directory by opening the console (by pressing # or /) and typing "gamedir", this command should bring up the game directory. Does it work (there is a chance this command doesn't work at all on MacOS)?

    Eventually you may try to search your system for ".blueprint" files.