Steam Launcher options

  • The -Xms just sets the start memory, but it does not assign the max amount of memory the game is allowed to allocate (this is done via the -Xmx argument).
    You can assign custom arguments to the game by creating a textfile called "args" in the game directory, however, I don't recommend to do this, since this overrides all arguments which are set by the game (direct memory, garbage collector, error handler etc). To assign different memory limits, please use the +memory DIRECT HEAP launch option posted by @dagoline. DIRECT is the amount of direct memory, HEAP is the amount of heap memory. Setting 3 GB for direct memory is always more than sufficient, having 4 or 5 GB for heap memory is also fine. So if you want the game to use 8 GB of RAM (it's recommendable to have at least 10 or 12 GB of RAM installed in this case), you can use the 2nd launch option posted by @dagoline: +memory 3072 5120 ;)

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