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    Hi red51

    Will it be possible to have different biomes/climate zones in the same (big) land mass. I like islands having different ones, but I still prefer to also find them in the same land mass.

    I notice you can jump on top of animals and stay there. Would be nice if they at least try to shake you off.

    Would it be possible, at least in the future, to have an option so you can only prepare some styles (textures) of furniture only of you have the corresponding type of wood/lumber. Say make a pine looking bed, only with pine, and so on.

    Same story with different rocks. Would be nice if there were like geologic layers and say if you want a marble cube, you will need marble to make it, and so on.

    At least as an optional setting in survival...


    Another thing red51 , I really love the lighting as time passes, the lighting at night with the moon is awesome and the sunsets are inspired. Amazing job.

    There are 2 things with lighting that may need some attention though.

    One, I hope, is trivial: at certain times the self shadows over rocks and rocky terrain is so dark that looks like coal and is very confusing. May it be tweaked so it is not as dark?

    The other, with my limited understanding of the engine I think it would be much more complicated: the way the illumination works when going underground: when you start going down in a cave you can see in the distance as if the interior was as illuminated as where you are standing, but as you get deeper those same areas get darker, and looking back even near the entrance is as dark. Are you using some sort of global lighting maybe? Can this be "fixed" so dark places are dark no matter where you are looking from and vice-versa as in real life?

    Thank you!

    Hmm... which distro do you use? We didn't touch anything relevant with the hotfix, so it's unfortunately hard to tell what's causing this :wat: Does it work if you launch the game directly from the game files (from the "_New Version" folder)? If it still doesn't work, please have a look if there is a log file (if the "Logs" folder is missing, you can find the logs under "/home/username/.config/unity3d/JIW-Games/Rising World" on Linux


    Anyway looks like this was an issue with Steam: upon checking the files in _Nwe Version, I noticed there was an exe file but no Linux executable, even though it was set to use the native one.

    I forced native environment with no luck. I forced proton, then native again and this time it downloaded the right files and runs fine. Yay!

    Hi red51 , awesome work!

    Just 2 things: since the last hotfix, the game can't be launched in Steam in Linux. It just seems to be starting but then the icon goes back to "Play" in Steam. Was working fine before the last hotfix. I uninstalled and reinstalled and no luck.

    Another thing: looks like I can't interact with other people. The (...) appears when pointing to other players, but no matter what key or button I click, nothing happens.

    This is a new world BTW



    Thanks red51 , it's awesome.

    I noticed 2 bugs, the one already reported about missing water squares (but you can actually swim in them!) and also, sometimes (1/5 of the times perhaps) when you are mining, the initial axe/pickaxe makes the sound, and the sound for the stones falling sounds, but no stone is gathered nor the soil is distorted. If you keep mining the exact same point this keeps happening. You need to move a bit to "fix it" until at some point it happens again.


    Unfortunately, the big lag in Linux between the time you move the mouse and when it shows is still there. Since I reported this first with the 1st playable demo of the Unity version I have been through many versions of the proprietary NVIDIA drivers for Linux for my GTX 1070 so must be as you mentioned some time ago a bug with Unity in Linux.

    Hasn't there been any update on Unity's side ?

    I have tried vsync on and off and combinations on the driver and the game, with no changes, lag still there unless I set it to one core.

    I even disabled gsync on my freesync monitor, also with no change. :(

    If this is a delta timing issue running it on a single thread only may help. I remember that we used to do this with older games that could not deal with multiple cores at all. It's no solution but may point to the problem. See

    taskset for details on how to do this.

    I only seeked through that linked article but neither Linux nor Vulkan was mentioned once in the article. Huh?

    Thanks beko

    I tried setting the Launch Options to "taskset --cpu-list 2 %command%"

    It did indeed work: no more mouse/input lag. Even some of the graphical glitches in the menu, while still happening, are much less noticeable.

    Of course, there is now stutter as 1 CPU struggles to run Rising World, but at least this may help red51 / Unity developers to address the issue?


    Hi red51

    Yes, setting to fullscreen was the first thing I tried, and it made no difference.

    The jumps forward are instantaneous, so there is no screen freeze (or maybe very briefly?). It just goes rendering nicely and suddenly you are a step or two ahead and keeps going from there.

    Attached a quick video (I had to make it low quality due to the file size restrictions in the forum)

    You can see there 2 things:

    The jumps: there are 2-3 of those

    The lag: all the turns happened noticeably after I moved the mouse, and as you can see the turns go like in blocks, not softly, is like it catches up with the mouse not turning anymore.


    Hi red51

    First of all, awesome!! I love the new graphics, and the ambience :)

    I'd like to report some issues I found in Linux (I am well aware this is a preview, but thought it was important to report)

    Setup: Linux Debian 64 bit, Steam version, Ryzen 1700x, Nvidia GTX 1700 with proprietary drivers 450.80

    - There is a lot of mouse lag, no matter the graphics settings I use. The graphics run well in very high, but lag from start moving the mouse to see it on screen is terrible, even if I use the lowest graphics settings (no change in the lag).

    - It may be related to the above, but when walking sometimes after a few (10+) seconds of very nice and smooth movement, it jumps forward

    - there are some graphic glitches in the menu (settings) as well as in the radial one. bits of them briefly disappear and appear again.

    Let me know if you need more info on my system, logs, or whatever :)

    Thanks Red51!

    Oh yes, that's definitely our intention :) Once the world generation is ready, we can share more screenshots. Right now we're still working on stuff that can be considered as basic or "core features" (input handling, chunk loading, world storing/loading, networking etc) and obviously there isn't really much to show ^^ When the world generation is ready, we will start working on things which provide more "visual feedback" in general, e.g. vegetation and objects, animations, particles etc - this gives us more opportunities to share screenshots and videos ;)

    Thanks @red51 :thumbsup: