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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Ha! Found the solution.

    Separate the -L part:

    screen -dmS ${SCREEN_NAME} -L ${SCREEN_NAME} java -Xmx${MEMORY}m -Xms$(($MEMORY/2))m -jar server.jar

    '@red51 you may want to change the linux script as above.

    EDITED: I had previusly suggested screen -dmSL ${SCREEN_NAME} "java -Xmx${MEMORY}m -Xms$(($MEMORY/2))m -jar server.jar" but that just generates a log file with a long name...


    Since the first time I installed the RW server I had an error with the start script.

    If I set the server_memory to anything (here 4096):

    If I do not set it:

    What I have been doing so far is remove the L option of screen, which seems to then ignore the error and run anyway...

    however I'd rather have that fixed, not work around it. Any ideas? Why is saying there is an error in the Xmx Java switch?

    This is Debian with Oracle Java 8 U131.

    Yes, I agree... just wondering though to keep developing if JIW needs more customers they will need to keep the website a bit more up to date... If they are economically fine, then yes, devote 100% to the game ;)

    A quick test confirmed that all the rotation modes now work as expected.
    Thanks @red51!

    What are the rotation modes? how you change them? Is there any doco on it?

    I find hard to find a place where all the documentation is: there are forum posts on server.permissions, for instance, but it is all over the place.

    Perhaps a top level pinned post with links to the several post where all the commands, settings, etc are would be a good start :)