Howdy from Texas

  • Hi There! I go by Kat mostly.

    Im really excited to see this game progress as I really enjoy the building aspect.

    For 24 years I have been an avid gaming enthusiast. From PCs to Consoles galore, My very first game was pitfall on Atari back in the early 90s and once the internet was born I started online gaming mostly with RPGMMOs of course they were all text base are you might remember them being called MUDS, my fave game I started was playing back then was one of the first 3 games to ever go online called T4C a.k.a The Forth Coming. It is in fact still operational today but now it is free to play. I sometimes find myself going on there from time to time when I am feeling nostalgic. I am a mother of an amazing 12 year old that has followed in my nerdy gaming footsteps. Currently I am at home on bed rest awaiting my 2nd back surgery so my mobility is limited until further notice which of course gives me more time to game and that keeps me sane... for now..

    Nice to meet everyone.

    PS= I also wanted to thank everyone taking the time to post on the forums I have learned quite a bit thanks to your guys and gals.. thanks again


  • Thanks for sharing. T4C.. can't believe I never heard of it! Maybe I did but just don't remember... My first gaming experience was colecovision haha games like Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Mouse Trap. Then it was on to Final Fantasy 1. Dude at the movie rental store told me about it, saying it took him x amount of hours (can't remember, something like 40) to beat it. I didn't sleep that weekend.. lol

    Sorry about the back! My sister is going through the same thing.

  • @ZaCormyr Yea T4C was something My mom, step dad and I got into, I've been gaming with my mom since I was 10 years old. It was nice back then as a online RPGMMO we even went to Vegas to meet everyone that played on our server at one time during a convention. It was fun. :P I'm glad it is free now it use to be $50 a year for subscription.

    Final Fantasy was one of my favorites that got me on the RPG bandwagon. I remember sitting for so many weekends with my mom living off ham sandwiches why we complete Final Fantasy on Super Nintendo. It was one of my most fondest memories that I shared with my mom. She still in fact games to this day. We have been gaming together now for almost 25 years give or take. and the Colecovision OMG! I always wanted one but never got one. I have had so many consoles through the years starting with I think it was the Atari 7200, but I have all my consoles in a AC controlled storage unit in there original boxes and even the plastic.

    Yea the back thing is starting to become rather frustrating but I take it a day at a time and try not to get soo frustrated being im a get up and go kinda gal. Hope your sister is doing better.

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