[MMD Model Rigging] - Bismarck

  • Hey, can someone help me do something 'simple' (depending on your skill level) of allowing the following model to be rigged & converted for use in Rising World. Or have the textures usable so the plugin can read it, and such? Bonus if you'll allow me to also use this in VRChat, yet for main use in Rising World via the 'Staticmodel' plugin. If it can't be done maybe I should wait for Red51's API addition of allowing .pmx + textures support, yet if someone wants to help me out then that me highly appreciated. Thanks!

    (Model link & Password in the description)



    [Bismarck from a Japanese web game called 'Kantai Collection' about ships taken on a ship girls with how ships are viewed as feminine, something Japanese took advantage of for anime.]

    I tried to get this to work in Rising World by a converter, something Red51 supplied. He found an .pmx to .obj converter, yet would like to see if someone knows of a way to 'smooth' the process out somewhat. Mostly for a texture side of things. Desiring Rising World to tap into the MMD side of things for the 'Staticmodels' + NPC additions into Rising World.

    Edit: I can supply the .pmx to .obj converters, if necessary. Just need it rigged + being able to read textures smoothly.

  • We can, if we can convert .pmx into .obj to allow the 'Staticmodel' plugin to read it. That is the easy part and has been done. The hard part is rigging it for general use (posing), as well as adding textures. Red51 told me I "may" have to wait until a plugin is ready, and I don't want to harass him about that plugin until sometimes after the 'Player Foundation' update.

    If someone could simply rig the model for me that would be more than enough. If anybody can apply textures for this model for Rising World use then that be glorious.

  • Maybe it's easy, maybe not. I was told it's tedious, and that it can take many hours to days to get models rigged. I would do it myself yet I just don't have the time I used to have and people are "Meh, do it yourself you lazy piece of crap" that nothing gets done. I would do it myself yet I don't have a thing called "time". :rolleyes: (When I do I'll do it myself. I'd learn, and etc)

    I'm tempted in going onto some VRChat Discord to ask if someone can help, yet asking Rising World community because we have skilled people here I'm hoping shall chime in sooner for how awesome they are.

  • I managed to find Scathach - https://bowlroll.net/file/143497 -
    ( copy 影の国 and paste it into DL Password text bar field)

    I was given permission to use this model freely, yet need someone more skilled to check for rigging and to make it run in a program. It won't run in Blender. That's all I ask for both Bismarck & Scathach to be somehow compatible for Rising World. I won't ask for more, just these two.


    Edit: I had to edit out my other text yet added that I have permission + desiring both to be checked for rigging as staticmodels for Rising World; Later to be NPCs for Rising World.

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